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Santa Paws Drive: Please help dogs and cats in shelters this holiday

Santa Paws is the first-ever online toy and treat drive dedicated to changing that and delivering holiday cheer to dogs and cats still waiting to be adopted.

This year, is focusing on shelters and rescues that make the extra effort to help special needs and less adoptable pets. Think of non-profit, no-kill groups who help FIV+ or FeLV+ cats, blind pets, handicapped cats, black dogs, senior pets and other “less-adoptable” animals who may just need a little extra care. was started in 2009 by five animal-loving pet bloggers who wanted to send some extra love to shelter pets during the holidays.  With the support of their loyal online following, they launched a program similar to “Toys for Tots” but for animals.

It is Santa Paws Drive’s mission to make sure shelter animals get a little holiday love, too.

Pet lovers everywhere can participate in by attending special Santa Paws Drive Events on Twitter and by donating on the Santa Paws Drive website. For more information visit

Fidose of Reality says thanks to all the pet bloggers involved and everyone who is helping to make this holiday season, and every day, a little brighter for all those in need.


  1. Stephen says

    Dear Santa

    I just want my Dog to Stop Paw Chewing & Itching.

    I just want him to be able to Play and get some Sleep like he used to.

    I have tried Flea Products, Shampoo’s, Special Diets, Med’s ( OMG ! ) .. Nothing Works !!

    My Vet tells me that 85% of Itchy DOGs are Allergic to Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds.

    Allergy Shots are Out of the Question….

    What can I do to Neutralize my DOGs Allergies !?!?

    Santa… Please HELP my Dog ( and Me ).

    Frustrated Pet Parent.

  2. AuntChristine says

    This is such a great event and cause. We’re fostering Samantha Cat, the ancient one who is terminally ill, from K9Kastle. It makes us smile knowing Santa will be visiting her because despite being ancient, she loves to chase things and play.

  3. Stella & Chico says

    this is a wonderful event ! I happen to know and work with K9Kastle..most of the dogs and cats in their care are taken from the shelter and are the least adoptable for various reasons. K9Kastle saves them from potential euthanasia, treats their illnesses and provides medical care, fosters them with much love and TLC and do their best to find them loving homes…they are a wonderful organization….I’m happy to participate in this drive and support K9Kastle and the other special needs/least adoptable organizations.

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