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How a #RichellPet Pet Gate Saved My Dog’s Life


There is nothing worse than can happen to a pet parent than the fear that their pet could escape from their home or apartment. As much as I am a super diligent dog mom and someone who prides herself in pet safety and well being, my worst fear was nearly realized.

Last month, the folks from Richell Pet asked if I would like to review their Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate with Door. For the following reasons I wholeheartedly agreed to put this product to the test for Fidose of Reality readers:

richell pet gate
Daring Dexter and his darling Richell Pet Gate.


  • My dog has had two ligament surgeries and I don’t like him going up and down the steps without supervision; Though it is not designed for the top of a staircase or near a glass door, I work from home and am able to supervise my dog.
  • I want a pet gate I can move easily from room to room: hallway to bedroom entrance;
  • This particular gate looks like furniture, so it would blend with my décor;
  • Most pet gates on the market are rather flimsy, plastic, and/or don’t have a walk-thru door opens in both directions – this Richell gate has these features;
  • Many Fidose of Reality readers have dogs who they keep with them, in the home, but would like a gate for times they need to keep dogs in a separate room (dinner, cooking, running a vacuum, blocking off a room, etc.)

Gated Beginnings

Assembly is super easy: It took a few minutes and a Phillips screwdriver to get the legs on.

Gate: Lockable from both the bottom and the top, so extra security.

Adjustability: Fits doorway and hallway openings from 34” to 63” wide. The specially designed Side Panel adjusts in increments of 10° for a perfect fit.

Aesthetic: Autumn Matte eco-friendly, sustainable rubberwood, meaning it has little tendency to warp or crack: Great for a busy household with a lot of foot traffic, opening and closing the gate door.

Rubber Feet: Protects floor surfaces from scratches and marks along with keeping the gate in place for added security.

Here’s the scoop on the assembly and what our mascot, Dexter, thinks of it:

Panic Attack

I live in a multi-family home, and we live on the second and third floor of the residence. The first floor neighbor was having some work done on her place, and the workmen needed to open two sets of doors: The front door to the house and the door to our place so they could swing large pieces of equipment into the foyer. Do you see where this is going? (and where Dexter almost went)

In a matter of sheer seconds, our dog bolted from the third floor where he was napping, down a set of steps, and attempted to bolt down the second floor steps to see what the ruckus was about. That is, until the Richell Pet gate stopped him in his tracks. I literally get sick to my stomach at the thought of what might have happened.

In all the time we have lived here and throughout our dog’s two ACL surgeries, we forever used those white plastic gates and then hide them when company visits. The Richell Pet gate intervened in a way I could not have imagined.

“Things happen for a reason, Carol,” my spouse reminds me. I just never thought a pet gate would serve a potential life-saving purpose in my dog’s life.

richell pet gate
“Mom, thanks for keeping me safe.”

Size It Up

This gate is recommended for dogs between about 6 and 33 pounds, so this applies to our medium sized Cocker Spaniel. Our dog is not one to try and jump a gate, but the dimensions for those who have jumpers or wanna-be escape artists:

Minimum width: 34” W x 26” D x 32” H

Maximum width: 63” W x 20.5” D x 32” H

Clean Up

A mild soap along with water and a soft cloth or sponge works well in cleaning the pet gate. The gate should not be placed in direct sunlight so as to prevent discoloration, rusting or deformation in the drying process.

Outdoor Usage

Not recommended for outdoor use, this is a gate that helps contain your pet between rooms.


Bringing a Richell Pet Gate Home

If you are interested in this gate and want to fall in love with it, as we have, click for a listing of where you can find the Richell Premium Plus Freestanding Pet Gate here. Each item in Richell USA’s product line up are designed to provide a comfortable solution to a pet’s needs while adding style to the living space.

Some things are worth having, and for peace of mind, thanks Richell. Check them out on Facebook and the Richell website.

Question: Do you use any sort of pet gate in your abode? Here are some pet lovers who, no doubt, are just as concerned about their pet’s safety as I am: 

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  1. I am beginning to think Harley and I are ready for some chaos and mayhem in our lives again. I’m thinking it’s about time for another doodle. Yes Carol, I can hear you saying “yeah.” I would need a gate because I would love to start from the very beginning – yes, puppy stage – and a gate would be a required item. Thanks for this post, I now know where to look first when the time comes. I too used to hide those plastic ones when company came! BOL

  2. So glad that this gate stopped Dexter in his tracks from running down the stairs and out into the street. Hope you never have to use the gate in an off label use again but so reassuring to know that in an emergency it did it’s job and kept Dexter safe from harm.

  3. So glad everything turned out ok! That does look liek a really nice gate. We struggled finding gates to fit our needs and lifestyle when we were potty training Olivia and wanted to keep her contained in the kitchen.

    1. We had to finally upgrade. Our house with those plastic baby gates didn’t do much for the decor and they also did not have easy access. I can move this from room to room. Perfect size for Chuy.

  4. Whoa! We need one of those last year when we had the CO problem and the firemen wanted to open all the doors to vent. TW had to lock me in the back bedroom cos I wouldn’t go into the carrier of evacuate.

  5. I have a Richell pet gate. I could not be happier. It is very effective when I need to block a room, a hallway or doorway to keep my pets from entering or exiting. AND it looks so good and blends in with the decor of my home. What is even better is that this gate affords my fur kids to still have a large area to play and not need to be kept in a kennel.

    Everything you said in your article is spot on! I’d highly recommend this gate.

    1. OOOH good to hear that you already have Richell pet gate. Aren’t they fab? Thanks for making a point I did not: your pet isn’t kenneled so they have more room. Way to go, Ellen!~

  6. We’ve got a gate that prevents V&B from going back to the bedrooms, but it also makes a long “kennel run” of sorts if we close the bedroom doors and put them in the hallway. Not only does it keep workers from letting them out of the house, but it prevents workers from being afraid of Vlad since we put the crates away in the garage. (Guard dog does no good if he can’t get to what he’s guarding from.) We’ve got one deliveryman that’s even afraid of yapping-Barkly, so it’s not always size that causes the fear reactions. No matter what, it’s always better to have your dogs (and cats) separated from workers and deliverymen. However, having them gated instead of locked away in a room where they can’t see is always best for the dog’s peace of mind. They really need to be able to see what’s going on in “their” house.

    1. Dex loves the UPS man, the mailman, etc but I dread what could have happened. That is great that you have something to protect your babies, 😉

  7. We have a cheap plastic one to keep Bailie out of certain areas sometimes, but we don’t use it much because we don’t trust it and it is ugly!

    1. Ditto on that – my concern is that the baby gate is icky looking but moreso that it wouldnt perform in an emergency

  8. Glad you pup was safe! This looks like a great pet gate!

    I always recommend that my training clients have a pet gate (or other way) to contain their dog to part of the house if need be — you never know when you might need it to separate the dog and a pet gate can always be handy to have in a pinch!

  9. I LOVE my Richell Hands-Free gate. It look so much better than the old baby gates that we’ve used for eons! Accidents can happen so quickly and a curious dog can react crazy fast! So glad the fence saved Dexter. ☺

  10. Workers in the home leaving doors open to carry materials in & out is a Big cause of animals door dashing & getting hit by cars or getting lost. We see that at the animal shelter a lot. Whenever something out of the ordinary is happening in the home step up efforts to safeguard your pet. So glad you had the Richell pet gate to keep Dex from a potential catastrophy – Whew!

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