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Raising My Furry Children Book Review

raising my furry children

Are you a fan of the short story genre? When returning to college to major in English, I fell in love with the short story. The ability of a writer to say so much but with a lesser amount of pages gives my spine a tingle. I love to read and continue to be a fan of the short story to this day. When Tracy Ahrens contacted me to let me know about her new book, Raising My Furry Children, I was intrigued. My curiosity was piqued when Ahrens shared that the book is a compilation of short stories, including one by one of my favorite pet writers, Steve Dale.

Ahrens is an honest writer and her compassion for animals comes through in her tales. The stories are all narratives and each reflects a love and experience Ahrens has had with a Brittany Spaniel and four rescue cats. The book kicks off with the story of Chaser, the dog that inspired Steve Dale and whom he credits with changing his life. I had read about Chaser through Dale’s blog posts but never knew the story. I love dogs to my core, and I know that deep within a certain dog inspired and changed me; for Steve, that dog is Chaser.

This story sets the pace for the entire book, which is a labor of love for Ahrens.

“When I first introduced by cats to my dog, I was afraid they’d never get along.” – How many of us cat relate to that? Ahrens writes about this in “Bonding.”

“One time he didn’t pick up the toy so he went to his toy box and brought another stuffed critter to the bed and dropped it at my feet. This process continued until four stuffed toys rested around my feet.” Nod if you have been there, done that; Ahrens, too.

The author writes in a very conversational tone and the pace is easygoing and very warm. I felt as if I were sitting down with one of my dog friends and commiserating while dishing stories of mutual dogisms and shared canine experiences. You probably have thought about or experienced many of the things the author has with her pets; she just compiled them all into a carefully constructed package of stories.

Smile, learn, share, and contribute: These are the lessons learned in Raising My Furry Children, and ones any pet parent will enjoy discovering in this book.

Learn more and get a copy by visiting:, through Amazon,, and email Tracy at More about Tracy here: Raising My Furry Children.




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