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Quantitative Lyme Test Being Offered and Rabies Alert Issued in Ohio

Two dog health stories topping today’s headlines include Abaxis Labs now offering a quantitative Lyme disease test. This new test can be used as a stand-alone test to determine infection status or if treatment is working. It can also be used as a quantitative confirmation test for the soon-to-be released VetScan Lyme Rapid Test currently under development.

Additionally, vets in Ohio are being told to stay vigilant about administering rabies vaccines to dogs, after a 3-year-old dog that was past due on vaccination contracted the disease. The time overdue was 13 months, according to Ohio state health officials.

Upon reading further, the owners of the affected dog state their canine often “hunted and killed wild animals on their property.” So for the misgivings of this one owner, please don’t rush to over vaccinate and use good judgment. Sadly, this dog died as he became ataxic, ran a high fever, and the behavior became more erratic.

Of course, this stirs the debate of “to vaccinate or to titer/not vaccinate” debate. Talk to your vet about vaccines that are appropriate for your dog and for this writer, over vaccination is just as dreadful if not more so than not. To each their own, but a few sites worthy of your time:

Dr. Dodds Vaccine Recommendations

Wellvet Info

Take the Titer Test

Be sure your dog receives regular check ups and care and sees the vet regularly. Just be diligent in whether your dog is ready to/needs vaccinations.



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