Wigglebutt Warriors partners with PupScots

PupScouts Announces Open Call for New Dog Members

Wigglebutt Warriors partners with PupScots

The PupScouts want your dog to become a pack member. If you were ever a brownie or Cub Scout, or perhaps a Girl Scout, you know how much fun it can be. Growing up, I was a Brownie and my brother a Cub Scout. I have fond memories of making “sit upons” crafted from newspaper and my dad taking my brother to meetings, where they learned how not to get lost in the woods. I never went on to be a Girl Scout, but if I was allowed to bring my dog, I would have sold enough Thin Mints to circumnavigate the globe for this privilege. Well, now your dog can become a PupScourt and earn a very special badge (and more)…keep reading.

Imagine if someone did the same for dogs and created Dog Scouts or Pup Scouts, where dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages are welcome to earn a variety of badges. Someone did, and that someone is Susan Godwin. Godwin is a dog lover of the highest order and founder of PupScouts. Similar to the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts organization, PupScouts is strictly for dogs and their parents. Godwin is also a Fidose of Reality Pawer Woman.

Here we are with some fellow DPFamily PupScouts troop members.

“We are all about having fun, earning badges, helping others, meeting new friends and bonding with our parents,” Godwin says. “While surfing online one night, I stumbled on the cutest uniform from Whimsy Collection and knew I had to have it for Tasha,” Godwin recalls. “It brought back memories of being a Brownie and a Girl Scout. I immediately thought it would be a great way to give back to our own dog community through fundraisers to help dogs in need.”


Dog mom to sweet Tasha, a fashionista in her own right, our dog, Dexter is a member of the founding PupScouts troop. You can become a member of Pup Scouts, too, and you’ll want to after reading this announcement:

The PupScouts will perform at the Wigglebutts Uncorked to help raise money for the dogs of NYC Second Chance Rescue. The pet-welcoming gala takes place at Brotherhood Winery, the oldest winery in the United States. Any current PupScouts members and those who become a PupScout prior to the gala are eligible to sing with the group AND earn a Choir/Singing Badge!!!

Here are event details:

wigglebutts uncorked

To become a PupScout is easy, as there is only ONE national troop that is the original, founding group.

We are also happy to announce that PupScouts is a media sponsor of Wigglebutt Warriors Presents: Wigglebutts Uncorked.

The dogs earn badges for things such as swimming, hiking, beach clean-up, arts and crafts, and more. At their monthly meetings, usually at a dog-friendly park in New York City, the group meets for socializing, planning, badge chatter, and to keep the pledge of the Pupscouts alive. And yes, there is a pledge. According to Godwin, it is:

On my honor, I will try to do my duty, to help the dog community and my country, to help make humans smile, and to be there to guard and protect, especially those at home.

The Pup Scouts are growing and garnering media attention, as the recent feature on Nat Geo Wild’s Spoiled Rotten Pets showcases Godwin and her honorable pack members. Small and big dogs are welcome to apply — one of the group’s largest members is 100-plus pounds, and she wears the uniform with pride. For more about joining, visit PupScouts.org


Here’s our dog, Dexter, in his gorgeous PupScouts uniform. And click here to see how he earned his Drive-In Movie badge: Fun stuff, right?

pup scout

PupScouts has 8 Troops across the Country, along with a Troop in Canada and an online Troop, in partnership with Dpfamily, (www.dpfamily.org) a private website, run by Bob Shaughnessy
and Havanese Cuba, where we can earn our badges online and post photos and find the criteria for each badge. DPFamily stands for Dogs & People are Family. So if there’s not a Troop in your
city, we recommend you try our online Troop or possibly become a Troop Leader and start a Troop in your area.


There is also an online troop, so pick whatever selection you want, but do become also become a member of Pup Scouts here. 

Click here to buy tickets to Wigglebutts Uncorked and learn more.

Wigglebutt Warriors® is proud to partner with PupScouts, LLC Org. in this fantastic endeavor! Join us all around!




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  1. I am a huge dog lover so I just love this! All those doggies are just adorable I want to love on each of them! Sounds like a fun place to go for dog lovers and owners!

  2. What a brilliant idea. I love the idea of pup scouts for adults and youngsters. A great way to bond with your dog and foster the idea that dogs and other pets are family, too.

  3. Such a fun idea. Hopefully Kilo will improve his social and obedience skills by April and he can attend the event with me- right now he may not be the best candidate. Love these innovative ways to fundraise and get dogs and people together.

  4. That an adorable idea! Anything that gets people and their pets out there to help others deserves a badge of honor in my book! Thanks for sharing, wonderful organization.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  5. Pup Scouts sounds really neat! I can’t wait to see it develop. I wonder how different it will be from Dog Scouts of America. I used to run a DSA troop. It was fun but I like the idea of a National Troop and online troop(s). I’ll have to read more about the types of badges and how they are awarded. I know that with Dog Scouts, obtaining badges were a little bit of an issue at times.

    1. I can let Susan speak more to it, but this is a group that is a bit different than DSA. Less formal and fun activities, spread good cheer, brighten lives, and have fun. Not so much heavy physical tasks or anything like that. You should join us, Josh!

  6. This sounds like such a fun group! I hope that someone gets a video of the pupscouts singing for Wigglebutts! I would love to hear it. 🙂

  7. I took several photos of the pupscout in her uniform at BlogPaws. I show it to everyone. I would love to get Bentley involved, but I need to see if there are any badges he could earn. BOL!

  8. Wow I had no idea this existed, but just envisioning Laika in her own PupScout uniform is making me smile. Such a cool group, and I love that they earn badges for all those fun activities. I know Laika would be on board to get her swimming and hiking badges right away. What a cool group.

  9. When it’s cookie season, I always break down and buy a box of Tagalongs. Those are my favorite. I always had fun selling the cookies when I was a Girl Scout growing up, too.

    PupScouts sounds like a lot of fun for dogs and their parents. I hope you get a lot of new members.

  10. Oh how wonderful! As a former Girl Scout and mom of a former Brownie, I think this is just terrific! And I remember those sit-upons so clearly! And loved when I earned a badge and hand sewed it on my sash and the pride when 30 years later, my daughter was earning her badges! And we always looked forward to the cookies – still do! How cool that pups can now be scouts (with their own cookies) too!

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