Puppy Bowl Freebie for All Dog Lovers

 Puppy Bowl Subaru

Puppy Bowl: Two words that undoubtedly bring wags of joy to dog lovers everywhere. When puppies meet pigskin and the fur flies (okay, in the air at least), Animal Planet is there to get a blow-by-blow, wiggle-by-wiggle, cuteness times infinity action shot of it all. It happens once a year and gridiron gurus of the non-human variety gather together for the cutest sporting event of the year: The Puppy Bowl!

For those unfamiliar, the Puppy Bowl is Animal Planet’s version of the Super Bowl. I must admit, I’ve been drawn more intently to this sporting event with each passing year. Is it possible that Animal Planet could up the bar (er, bark) even higher? Well, Puppy Bowl IX (9th) will bring viewers a combo of terrier tackles, puppy playing, Fido fumbles, and special surprises to this year’s edition.


The Puppy Bowl will have a co-viewing APP!! That’s right, the app will work on the original airing at 3 pm est on Animal Planet this Sunday, February 3rd!!!! It is available for tablet and mobile devices and totally free!!! Link to download the FREE app here: http://blogp.ws/Wxa8ia  While you can download the app in advance to prepare, only on 2/3 will the Puppy Bowl content be available.

As you watch the Puppy Bowl live on television, the Puppy Bowl Plus APP will serve up additional content so users can engage and pull in Subaru’s Dog tested-dog approved content. Fun stuff for dog lovers for the Puppy Bowl!


Dog tested and dog approved: We double dog dare you not to smile at this quick video.  Dex and I will be trying out a Subaru for our next vehicle when our lease expires this year.

Join us on Sunday where Fidose of Reality and PR (Puppy Relations) Manager,  will be watching the Puppy Bowl and using the FREE APP. Download it here: http://blogp.ws/Wxa8ia

Hut hut, hike! Puppy Bowl fun begins! Who's in the huddle with us?

Puppy Bowl Subaru

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but Fidose of Reality only shares news for things we support (and the Puppy Bowl is the cutest thing, well like, ever!!)



    • Pawsome, Debbie! We are loving the hatch on the Subaru in this video and thinking how much easier all our dog-friendly road travels would be. YAY to cockers, too! Enjoy the big game on Sunday.

  1. i’m there with you, carol. love the puppy bowl. can these puppies get any cuter? sometimes this has been more exciting than the super bowl! can’t wait for it!

    • Ellen, I have to agree – more exciting than the Super Bowl and no roughing the passer BOL!

    • Excellent, Kimberly. Besides the cuteness factor, the puppies were all up for adoption, too! 😉

  2. I love the fun Subaru ads – they are so well done and fun! The trunk full of meat would totally be every dogs dream, except my one who isn’t a car lover! She won’t eat in the car at all!!

    • Thanks for coming by, Katherine. I don’t think my car would make it out of the driveway with a backseat of meat LOL