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Product for Dogs Who Hate Their Teeth Brushed

dog toothbrush

Dexter digs getting his teeth brushed. My dog truly, madly, deeply accepts a toothbrush and we brush at least once a day, seven days a week. I did the same thing for my last Cocker Spaniel. Neither dog has ever needed a professional cleaning under anesthesia.



I no longer call them statistics when revealing some of the sad realities of our beloved dogs. Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition in cats and dogs even though it’s completely preventable. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says that periodontal disease affects 85% of dogs over 5 years old.

What if there was a way to get your dog’s teeth clean without brushing? The folks at Emmi-Pet have a solution for pet parents who want to brush but perhaps don’t want to struggle with the brushing motion.

dog toothbrush
Dexter and I with the Emmi Pet ultrasonic toothbrush

Fidose of Realities

According to Emmi-Petg, their ultrasonic toothbrush is:

  • Motionless
  • Reaches gum pockets
  • Is harmless for people and pets
  • Functions with an output of only 0.2 watts
  • Does not vibrate or make noise to scare the dog

Regardless of the device used, dogs who have never had their teeth brushed before may not be immediately joyful and accepting. Read this for dogs who hate their teeth brushed.

Emmi-Pet in Action

When you receive the Emmi-Pet system, here’s what you get:

dog toothbrush

All sorts of pretties for pearly canine whites, right?

See how clean Dexter’s chompers are?

brush dog teeth

If your dog is accustomed to teeth brushing, read on. If not, be sure to read dogs who hate their teeth brushed first.

With the fully charged brush (takes about 24 hours to fully boost the charge), start the teeth cleaning process. You simply hold the brush head against the surface of your dog’s teeth for about 5 to 10 seconds, moving on to the next position. You could actually span 2 to 3 teeth at a time.

DO NOT BRUSH the teeth or the ultrasound technology will be ineffective.

This process is designed to be gentle on gums and enamel, so dogs will not be upset by a brushing motion.

You will repeat this for all surfaces, including the insides, and that’s it.

Clean and repeat at least weekly.

You must use the toothpaste from Emmi-Pet for the system to work.

Brush head replacements are available.

emmi pet

Learn more and pick yours up by visiting Get 20 percent off by using Coupon Code: FIDO20. This code expires June 1, 2015.

You might win an Emmi-Pet, valued at $200, by entering below.




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Note: I received no compensation for this review. I did receive the Emmi-Pet system at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I never tried brushing my dogs teeth. I give him the dental chews that my vet recommended.

  2. Coco would benefit from this for sure! I brush her teeth weekly but she isn’t really fan of it. Maybe she wouldn’t mind this!

  3. Wow! I have 5 that hate having their teeth brushed! This would be a GREAT help and a WONDERFUL timesaver!!!

  4. I never knew dogs needed their teeth brushed. My friend’s dog Ava will greatly benefit from this.

  5. I’m sure there will be no problems with him Brushing his teeth with this Product. Dogs are pretty much like us at times .. some things we like to do .. while some things .. not so much

  6. I’m going to tell my kid’s teacher about this . . . her dog had her teeth cleaned at the vet and they gave it too much anesthesia. Now the dog has to be on meds for seizure control.

  7. I wonder how Laika would handle one of these – she’s pretty good about a regular tooth brush, and I was quite shocked when we got a nail dremel and the noise didn’t seem to bother her at all. I know when I switched to an electric one myself I noticed a big difference in plaque removal.

  8. I tried brushing my dogs teeth. They all thought I was nuts. I make sure they get denta chew bones and this product sounds good too!

  9. I’ have to recommend this to my mom for her dog! He hates having his teeth brush and the vet stressed it! This sounds like a fantastic product!

  10. i have 3 girls, the oldest hates to have her teeth brushed, so i have to do it when she is almost asleep. the middle child runs when she sees the brush, but is okay, the baby is great, b/c she has been to the dentist a lot.

  11. OMG!!!! It would be a miricle if this really helps Rose’s gums. She has a gum disease and gets ulcers on them, which are painful. She’s on 3 meds for it and I try to brush and rinse her mouth, but she doesn’t like it. This actually sounds like it would be soothing while helping…Rose says if she wins one , she will definitely try it and paws crossed it will help….

  12. My hand gets bite mats all over when brushing her teeth, please consider one of these fabulous toothbrushes for het.

  13. I have never wanted to win anything so badly in my life. Haven’t stopped thinking how great this would be in a house with 5 spaniels!

  14. My dogs Kouga and Artie would benefit from this toothbrush. My dogs do not like getting their teeth brushed and sometimes its hard to restrain these two.

  15. Maggie and Mya will benefit greatly from one. AND…if we go on a little overnight or two trip somewhere and I forget to pack MY toothbrush…..wellllllll…….I’ll just use theirs !!…… LOL !!

  16. My pack really doesn’t like getting their teeth brushed, and with four dogs needing it done, it’s hard for me to get them brushed as often and well as they should be. This would be amazing to have. My pack consists of four dogs (was five but I lost my sweet deaf girl, Ran, a couple of weeks ago) – Suki (my senior), Kenji, Kyoko, and Seiji.

  17. Years ago I was a dental hygienist. I know how much my four rescue dogs Bailey, Rooney, Duncan, and Cooper would benefit from having their teeth cleaned daily with this toothbrush!

  18. My little Yorkies, Stoney and Twig would greatly benefit if we would be so lucky as to win!

  19. I have six dogs, but the one that will probably most benefit from this would be my Dachshund Manos. Thanks!

  20. This is an amazing product. I have never been able to brush chico’s teeth 🙁 but i would surely try with Emmi-Pet! It’s motionless and quiet….it’s perfect !!

  21. Valentino brushes his teeth 3 to 4 times a week and eats more toothpaste than reaches his rear molars… And his mouth is so smal, even a baby’s toothbrush can’t reach far enough into rear teeth. Maybe an ultrasonic would work better than manual brush? I’m sure he would be fine with it.

  22. Holly and Bruno “allow” me to brush their teeth, but I can’t say they love or enjoy it. I use Arm & Hammer Poultry Flavor and that’s the only reason I have been able to brush at all. Labs have notorious teeth to begin with. My dogs’ teeth are in decent shape, but sounds like they could be better with this product.

  23. I would use this for my dogs, Froggie and Kraken. It looks like to a fantastic alternative to traditional brushing (which they hate!)

  24. Sundog and Barney both get their teeth brushed, but I bet they would like it more with the ultrasonic toothbrush.

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