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Pride Month Giveaway and Celebration

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I have pride. Across this great nation throughout June (and in many parts of the country all summer long), a celebration of pride for those who identify as L, G, B, or T is taking place. For the first time in my life as a blogger, I am free to share my joy and celebrate publicly. Indeed, it is pride month and we are celebrating, educating, and rejoicing with a giveaway from a pride-filled dog treat company! Keep reading.

In his Presidential proclamation, President Obama writes, “Across our Nation, tremendous progress has been won by determined individuals who stood up, spoke out, and shared their stories.  Earlier this year, because of my landmark Executive Order on LGBT workplace discrimination, protections for Federal contractors went into effect, guarding against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  The Federal Government is now leading by example, ensuring that our employees and contractors are judged by the quality of their work, not by who they love.  And I will keep calling on the Congress to pass legislation so that all Americans are covered by these protections, no matter where they work.”

What it Really Means

One word holds such powerful meaning: Stonewall. Gay Pride Month takes place each June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. The Stonewall riots were a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States.

You can read all about the historic Stonewall riots here, but the bottom line is this: Many believe this was history’s first major protest on behalf of equal rights for the LGBT community.

My wife and I at the site of the Historic Stonewall riots.

The South is About to Rise Again

And not in a good way. Later this month, The Supreme Court will issue its decision in a case that would give rights to same-sex couples in the United States and guarantee they have the constitutional right to marry.

I live in a state where same-sex marriage is legal. After 21 years with the love of my life, we wed on June 12, 2014. As of this writing, 37 states plus the District of Columbia legally recognize same-sex marriage. In the remaining states same sex couples may not wed. Same-sex couples who wed in states where it is legal may not return to states where it is banned and expect the marriage to be recognized.

In scary news, authorities with the Southern Baptist Convention recently revealed they will reject any ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that affirms same-sex marriage. Reject it is one thing. They plan to act on it in a disorderly fashion.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “The nine SBC pastors at the morning press conference made clear that the scripture’s teaching on marriage is not negotiable, and that, if necessary, they will be willing to break the law in order to follow their beliefs.”

They are referring to their reaction as civil disobedience.

Specifically, they “deny that the effort to legalize “same-sex marriage” qualifies as a civil rights issue since homosexuality does not qualify as a class meriting special protections, like race and gender; and be it further.”

Just plain wow.

No matter what religion you follow or tenets of belief you adhere to, a religious book does not belong in a courthouse. Laws and basic human rights have zero to do with religious teachings.

lesbian love
Our forever engraved stone in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

On a Dog Blog?

Folks who identify as L, G, B, and/or T have dogs: So this affects a great number of people. This affects folks who identify as anything but L, G, B, or T, too. If my rights as a human being who so happens to share her life with a woman are constantly being clawed at and denied, what’s to say your rights aren’t next?

There are thousands of reasons that same-sex couples need that piece of paper giving us the same rights as those who are currently allowed to wed have.

Read all about why LGBT Dog Parents Need This Piece of Paper here.

So says the word of Dog.


So many have died fighting for LGBT rights.

So many have died from bulliying.

So many have died because they are different and were harassed, fired, demeaned, demoted, demoralized, and shunned.

My God would never embrace any of this. My God is loving and full of kindness and acceptance, especially with two consenting adults.

Companies Who Care

Thank you to all the companies who care and all of our straight allies who celebrate Pride this month and all year long.

Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s 2015 Corporate Equality Index is the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. You can read all about the HRC’s index here.

wigglebutt wedding


Meanwhile, Fidose of Reality is bestowing its Pride Pawer accolades on the SMARTCOOKEE Company.

Kelly and Robert Ison, along with Chief Tester, Abbey, their West Highland White Terrier, embrace pride month and have come out in support of it.

Smartcookee company
Kelly and Robert Ison with Abbey attend our Wigglebutts Go Hollywwoof fundraising gala.

I met founder, Kelly Ison, on a Facebook group, and I soon realized she shared a connection for love of dogs, a great business sense, and treats her dog like a member of the family. Just like me.

SMARTCOOKEE Company treats come in four varieties: PB’N Jelly Time; The Great Pumpkin, I Yam What I Yam; and Peas and Carrots, the latter of which I am told dogs who are accustomed to treats with processed sugars and flavors tend to love. We encourage you to try some of this wholesome goodness out on your own dog.

pride treatspride treats

To get you started on the yum factor of the SMARTCOOKEE dog treats, in honor of Pride month, check out the fab packaging above. Don’t feel like waiting? Then get to ordering some of the delish SMARTCOOKEE dog treats here.

One lucky Fidose of Reality fan will win a gift pack of SMARTCOOKEE Pride treats for their dog, and it might be YOU!



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About Carol Bryant

A dog lover of the highest order is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant, when she appeared with her Cocker Spaniel, Dexter, on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. Carol created and owns the trademark, My Heart Beats Dog® and lives that mantra. A 30-year veteran of the Cocker Spaniel world, she is President of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and a frequently sought-after media contributor with over 15 years’ experience writing and blogging about Cocker Spaniels, dog trends, dogs, and the pet industry. She co-authored Pet Blogging for Love & Money and is the 2020 DWAA winner for Best Dog Blog.


  1. Ellen says

    Happy Pride Month to you, Carol, and to all who support the LGBTQ community. I for one do not understand how any person, country or God would deny human rights to another human being. It does and will get better. Hopefully, next year at this time, more and more will be celebrating and embracing each other.

  2. lisa says

    Happy Pride Month! It is really great that there are companies out there that care so much! These dog treats look so good for the pups!

  3. Ida says

    I love this post. I love pride month (we have many celebrations here in Miami) and I always support companies who support others. Love is love no matter what!!

  4. Jeanine says

    Happy pride month! So awesome. One of the reason I’m extremely proud to be Canadian is because we’ve had legalized marriage for all for years. I still can’t believe the US is so behind on this!

  5. Sandy Weinstein says

    i have 3 gals, Evie, Tressa (Bjb’s A Little Night Music), who turned 6 today, and Harley (Bjb’s Harlequinn Hulabaloo).

  6. Linda Szymoniak says

    My current dogs are Suki, Kenji, Kyoko, and Seiji. My sweet, deaf hound girl, Ran, went to the Rainbow Bridge in April and I’m looking into adopting another dog from the rescue I adopted her from (she’s a young, tri-colored Treeing Walker Coonhound named Jolene, although I would change her name to fit with our theme of all Japanese names)

  7. Jessica Harlow says

    Happy PRIDE month! I’m thrilled to learn about yet another business that accepts some social responsibility. It truly does influence my wallet. Some day maybe we’ll get busy living our own lives and not being so worried about what our neighbors are doing. 🙂

  8. beth says

    Happy Pride Month. All should love who they want to love be it human or animal. There are many animals that bond with the same sex for numerous reasons too.

    Look at the president, in hiding because Michele is really Michael. Maybe the obamas will come out some day soon. I don’t know why they are hiding when so many already know the truth.

  9. Sarah B says

    Wishing you a very happy Pride Month! My dogs are Hamlet and Daphne, and they are big fans of the Southern Decadence parade in New Orleans, where we used to live.


    My boys are named Beanz – a 12 lb Chihuahua who runs the house, and Jake – a 115 lb Choc Lag who is a big clumsy teddy bear.

  11. Jean Dion says

    Sinead and Liam!

    You spoke so forcefully here, and eloquently, too. And you’re absolutely right: This is an issue that impacts all of us, no matter where we live and who we love. Well done with this post. Well done.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  12. Mary Lynn Hayes says

    Cody is my fur baby. His brother, Manny, just passed away 🙁
    I am waiting for my new rescue – Loki – to arrive 🙂

  13. Carolyn Love says

    Oh MY !!….:)…. We won some SMARTCOOKEE cookies not long ago….and we can attest to how WONDERFUL they are !!. Maggie and Mya loved them… AND they sent us a magnet and a Tote
    too !!…. We’re gonna keep our fingers and paws crossed !!..

  14. Daniel Scott says

    My dogs are named Artie and Kouga. They are both adopted and we are so blessed to share our home with them.

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