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Pet Industry Pro Reveals Ugly Dogs Repel Ticks


Ugly dogs repel ticks. I concur with this statement with a complete certainty and encourage you, Fidose of Reality readers, to adopt this mantra. Yes, ugly dogs repel ticks.

“Dangerous and deadly tick diseases are becoming more and more of a concern for dog lovers, especially in the spring, summer and fall,” Earth Heart founder and CEO, Vicki Rae Thorne, says. “There is only one way to safely keep ticks off your dog: by making your dog less attractive to them.”

So ugly (less attractive as a host to a tick) dogs are the ones that ticks are probably going to avoid.

Being a dedicated dog mom and working in the pet industry, I read a lot about fleas and ticks. I meet the representatives from the various brands that manufacture all sorts of flea and tick preventatives. Earth Heart’s Buzz Guard is product I’ve used on my own dog for years with great success. It’s supposed to be a wicked fall for fleas and ticks here in the northeast, so we’ll be continuing protection. In fact, dogs can get fleas and ticks year-round.

Myth: Fleas and tucks go away in the fall and winter.

Fact: Fall and winter months do not eradicate fleas and ticks. In fact, last winter a hiking friend of mine found two ticks on her dog in February. Fleas and ticks will make a home beneath piles of leaves, so proceed with caution. Although fleas may not survive in brutal winter temperatures outside, the warmth of home means fleas gravitate towards indoor comfort where they can affect pets. I am a fan of non-chemical ways to prevent nasty ticks and fleas. Our Puppy Relations Manager, Dexter, goes the safer route with human grade Diatomaceous Earth.

These fossilized remains of microscopic shells act as shards of glass to winged critters. I purchased a salt shaker from a local retailer and sprinkle this onto my hand and into my dog’s coat. Bonus: Word has it that this is a good bedbug deterrent, so I like traveling with it, too. (Note: Be sure to get the food grade.) 

buzz guard

Is Your Dog Worth It?

You might think simply removing a tick within moments of it attaching to your dog is the cure-all, but this is not necessarily so. You love your dog, and that’s what probably brought you to this article, right? Rather than spew facts and figures about how disgusting ticks are, here’s why you need to keep them off your dog: Ticks carry disease. Ticks can cause serious harm or death to your pet. Ticks can cause harm or death to you.

Disgusting and Lethal

Here are a few things that ticks can do to you and your dog:

brown tick




But What About Topicals and Spot On’s

Bottom line: I am not a fan. An over-the-counter topical literally burned the hair off of my last Cocker Spaniel.  There were other side effects as well. As the saying goes, when we know better, we do better. I opt for a more effective and much safer approach.  I’ve made no secret about the products I use for my dog, and one of them is Earth Heart’s Buzz Guard. We’re offering all Fidose of Reality readers a discount off Buzz Guard at the end of this piece.

I never over-treat and I am very cautious about what I put on my dog, how often, and I ensure that what I am using is both effective and safe. You can read about our summer of pest-free protection here.

What Should You Do

You need to something. Doing nothing, even if your dog is primarily an indoor dog, still exposes him or her to ticks and fleas. You can bring a tick in on your clothing. A tick can embed itself into your skin. Here’s a four-point tick off plan:

T: Treat your dog with preventative products. These products to prevent fleas and ticks work for us. Use your own discretion, but do something.  Even less invasive products can cause harm. Never put any products near your dog’s eyes, mouth, or eyes. And be careful using DE. Always be sparing in application and follow directions closely. Is this more work than a spot on that you put on and forget? Of course. But I will not put anything on my dog I would not use myself. I use Buzz Guard. Dogs should never have anything with DEET placed on their skin or coat.

I: Inspect. Check your dog with a visual inspection and run your fingertips through your dog’s coat. Know what is normal so that you can identify anything abnormal. That new lump or bump after a walk might be a tick.


C: Carry a tick key or pair or tweezers with you; in fact, keep one handy in your dog’s first aid kit or Doodie Pack all-season pack that is lightweight and we use year-round.

doodie pack

K: Kick butt: Ticks are attracted to a host by body heat, odor from the skin and carbon dioxide that people and dogs exhale. Using an essential oil based spray on your dog with neem seed oil as the main ingredient can make your dog unattractive by altering its scent.

What are you doing to keep ticks and fleas off your dog? Want to try a bottle of Buzz Guard on your dog? 

To help you and your furry friends enjoy outdoor adventures with peace of mind, receive 15% off your order of Buzz Guard at when you enter the code BUZFOR at checkout.  Offer ends September 30, 2014.

 Note: We were not compensated to share this info. Please check with your dog’s veterinarian before adding anything new to your dog’s existing flea/tick treatment plan. 



  1. Ellen Morrissey says

    Diatomaceous Earth has been a lifesaver for me the past couple of years. I remember when you introduced your readers to this a couple of years ago. I’ve been using it ever since. None of my dogs have had to fight fleas or ticks. And the best part is, it is chemical free. A win-win here!

  2. Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady says

    UGH! I hate these little buggers!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    • Carol Bryant says

      I remember one time my dog had a tick and I panicked. I thought he had a tumor or a horrible growth. I texted a picture to the vet tech and she calmed me down and reassured me. Amazing how ticks are so disgusting, isn’t it?

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