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Pet friendly cross country tour launching

Fidose of Reality is going cross country, city by city, paw by paw, en route to our final destination: Salt Lake City.

Looking for dog-friendly things to do across America, things to see and places to go? We have a special dog-friendly Hawaiian contributor to Fidose of Reality and now all readers can join in, too. Follow our travels as we take to the open highway, where our roads will lead to BlogPaws, a totally pet-friendly event taking place in Utah from June 21-23.

Dog lovers are also invited to meet me and dog/heartbeat (Dexter) at my feet in paw-son in Salt Lake City, where we will be, along with the World’s Fastest Skateboarding Dog, Tillman, and Norman the Scooter (and bike-riding dog), from June 21 through June 23. BlogPaws 2012 conference is hitting the great state of Utah, and Dexter and I are driving cross country from Pennsylvania to Utah for the festivities, conferencing, networking, swag, and fun. For being a fan of Fidose of Reality, I also have a 20 percent off code if you decide to register and join the conference, which is TOTALLY PET FRIENDLY!!!

Code: BlogPaws2012-POPs-Carol

Meantime, join Hairy Putter, the one and only Director of Barketing, as he shares why BlogPaws. Meet him there, too! Woof!


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