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Pet Blogging For Love And Money Book Tour Giveaway

Pet Blogging For Love & Money is on tour and you are invited to come along. In conjunction with Maggie Marton, I co-authored a book that is making its rounds on the official book tour! Summon the trumpets and toss the confetti!

The reason I wanted to write this book is to help pet lovers establish or grow a successful social media presence and/or blog, whether for the passion (love) or the dollars (money). In most cases, putting your pet online is a combination of love and money.

Since the book’s launch, I’ve encountered several frequently asked questions. Let me answer those questions, help guide you through the book tour, and how to enter to win a copy of the book! Two winners will be selected, one for the paperback version and one for the ebook version of Pet Blogging for Love & Money.

blog book tour
L to R: Irresistible Pets, A Dog Walked Into a Bar, Come Wag Along, Maggie Loves Orbit

What Makes Pet Blogging For Love & Money Unique?

Ours is the most comprehensive book to focus entirely on the lucrative pet industry, and it goes far beyond a focus on influencer marketing. The strategy of Pet Blogging for Love & Money is to give readers the most comprehensive, up-to-date, action-oriented information needed to start and run a viral pet blog with accompanying social media presence.

Can Pet Business and Pet Rescues Learn From This Book?

A blog enables the business to connect on a personal level with customers and potential customers while helping present clients feel they can be trusted. Blogs with interesting content and social media posts that complement it are worth their weight in gold. Visitors to your blog may become customers. If you have online products or services, establishing trust in your business turns clicks into dollars. We take a deep dive into this in the book. 

Good rescue groups and organizations do not get enough credit for the painstaking, gut-wrenching, heartfelt labor of love that goes into every effort in which they are involved. We are indirectly involved in pet rescue, have worked with animal shelters, and have counseled many pet rescues on the do’s and don’ts of establishing a blog and why. 

Blogging is an inexpensive way for shelters and rescues to drive traffic to their site, attract prospective adopters, encourage donations, and remain relevant in Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Those first-page searches on “dog rescue” aren’t there by accident. Those are sites with a dedicated SEO strategy in place and, most likely, a successful blog

pet blogging gift book

Can I Make Money Pet Blogging or With Social Media?

Yes, and diversification is the name of the game. By having multiple streams of income, you are not tethered to one income source or another. We outline a variety of ways to earn money from a pet blog, and these include affiliate networks, sponsorships, freelance writing, selling digital merchandise, writing and selling books, providing services for others, ad networks, and consulting services.

What About Growing My Social Media Accounts?

We cover a treasure trove of social media tactics. Let’s face it, pets mean big business, with some influencers able to charge in the thousands for a social media share on a hot platform like Instagram. There are social media calculators to help determine a worth. We encourage engagement over numbers, and we aren’t alone. Instagram and Facebook have begun hiding like counts to encourage authentic content and commentary. If you love pets as I do, then this is a perfect fit. 

Best of all, the book is full of actionable tips that don’t require a tech background or a marketing degree.

Deeper Dive

Need more information on what’s contained in the over 300 pages of knowledge in the book? === > Why this pet blogging book is a must have

pet blog book tour

Pet Blogging For Love & Money Official Book Tour

When authors go on a traditional book tour, they travel from region to region or to various book shops and signings. Thanks to the magic of the Internet, Maggie and I are on a virtual book tour on blogs, websites, and podcasts.

I invite you to read (and listen) to what others are saying about the book. What makes this book tour unique is that each of the featured stops is also included in the book as case studies. Gain inspiration from successful bloggers and social superstars that illustrate the principles you will learn in this book. The folks you see below are pet influencers you should get to know. 

Stop 1: Kol’s Notes

Stop 2: Irresistible Pets

Stop 3: Wear Wag Repeat

Stop 4: Deaf Dogs Rock

Stop 5: Come Wag Along

Stop 6: My Rescued Life

Stop 7: Jacques Bouchard

Stop 8: Maggie Loves Orbit

Stop 9: The Broke Dog

Stop 10: Fetch Find

Stop 11: A Dog Walks Into a Bar

Stop 12:  My Brown Newfies

Stop 13: Incredibull Stella

Bonus Stop: Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Purchase The Book

Pet Blogging for Love & Money is available in print and ebook on It also makes a great gift for the social media lover in your life or to start the new year on an educational, self-improvement note for yourself.


Enter To Win a Copy Of Pet Blogging For Love & Money: CLOSED 

Entering is easy and fun and open to anyone worldwide! Simply visit at least one of the blogs above. Then come back and comment below with the name of at least one blog you visited on the tour. You can enter up to 14 times if you visit all 14 blogs, thus increasing your chances to win.

Two winners will be selected using One person will win the paperback and one person will win the e-book version.

Good luck! Rules here.

The contest is open now and closes on 12/27/19. Winners will be emailed the weekend of 12/28 and have 48 hours to reply. Winners announced on this post on Monday, 12/30/19.

Winners are: Sandy Weinstein and Karen Frewart. Congrats and I am contacting you both via email. 

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  1. I enjoyed reading everyone’s articles. We all come to the table with our own unique perspectives yet…one thing we agreed upon was that this book is a valuable resource for pet bloggers. Thank you AGAIN for featuring us in the book.

  2. i visited Wear Wag Repeat. i dont really listen to podcast. my internet connection is bad and very expensive. i would love to have listened to you on her podcast.

  3. i visited Deaf Dogs Rock, read how she changed her blogging, shared about the book on fb, twitter, i would like to be a pet blogger because i love my girls. I dont like to travel much unless my girls can come with me which is hard if i have to fly. i dont really have much of a support system and wont leave my dogs in a kennel, plus i could not stand to be away from them for days. i am retired, .my oldest dog was almost completely deaf before she passed away. i had to learn how to communicate with her in new ways.

  4. I want to learn to do this so badly. It’s so much fun reading everybody’s stuff. I have 8 cats and 2 dogs (a 3 year old and a 7 month old – both rescues). 3 of the cats and both dogs model/act and do runway fashion shows. They lead quite the interesting lives and would love to share their crazy adventures to try to get more people to adopt and not shop.

  5. I love seeing all the cute pics with the book. Thank you both again for bringing me on the blog tour and featuring our site in the book. This is THE resource for pet bloggers!!!
    -Aimee & Chuy

  6. Thank you for sharing this useful information. After reading your article, I think that every pet owner can start a blog and earn money from what you love doing. I hope that you will continue to share with us your experience in pet blogging.

  7. I adopted a Car in Terrier that was part of a 30 dog hoard he adjusted very well he loves to cuddle at first he was skittish but now he is so much better he follows me everywhere when I get in bed he’s right there if someone enters he is very protective of me he will not let you near me I love him so much he gets lots of hugs and kisses if you are a pet lover give your heart to a shelter animal they will love you forever my baby is 1 year old his name is Bailey and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

  8. So fun to read about your love for pets & those who love pets! You are a real encouragement to write about our precious pets. We are not ready to share yet, but our pets are definitely worth sharing about…hope to share soon!

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