Pet Bloggers Recap Posts of the Week

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Can it really be the weekend?  My day job is working for the BlogPaws team. a career I adore. If you’ve ever thought about blogging or microblogging for or about pets, BlogPaws is the place for you. Throughout the week, BlogPaws posts great content both on the blog and in the community. We know how busy everyone is, so you might have missed some of our announcements, info, posts, and overall news of the week. Or maybe you never visited the BlogPaws blog. It is definitely a great place to catch up on all things social media and pet. These are the pet bloggers recap posts of the week.

Here are some of the cool things that happened over at BlogPaws which serve as a nice “getting to know us” jumping off point. Off we go:

Do you think it is fair to work for free? Well maybe, or maybe not. There is no easy answer, but BlogPaws’ co-founder, Tom Collins, got to the heart of the matter. Read this very insightful blog post before you do one more review or giveaway.

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So, did you cross any of the first 50 items we gave you to do post BlogPaws Conference? In case you missed it, we shared Part One in our “99 Things to Do Post BlogPaws Conference” post. We covered half the list and ran the gamut of actionable items one can do with the conference being over. Now the list is finished and here are another 50 things you can do post BlogPaws Conference (whether or not you attended).

Who has ever considered monetizing their pet blog? Whether the pet blog is a hobby or something you want to do or are currently doing part- or full-time for a living, the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network is the place for you. Have you discovered what we can do for you and signed up?

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It is with great joy that we blog about the Blogger Disaster Response Network Assisting Oklahoma Pets in Peril. The BlogPaws Community, in conjunction with our extraordinary sponsors and many brands we work with throughout the year, raised almost $10,000 to divide between three groups. Read all about it and become a part of our Blogger Disaster Response Network.

Over in the BlogPaws Community, we’re dishing all about Making Your Social Media Efforts More Effective. Learn about tools community members are using beyond Google Analytics. See if this helps you out.

Lastly, feel free to scroll through all of our weekly posts, including adding any posts you wrote about the BlogPaws Conference to our growing Linky Tracking Post. This works like a linky in that you just enter your blog post HTML link where it says to do so below.

So with that, have a wonderful weekend. And if you want to blog and have no idea where to start, be sure to join the BlogPaws Community and jump in feet first. We're here to help.



  1. Great wrap up. We still have so many things to do from the Blogpaws conference but we have started and so far so good!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I still have to look at the 99 things to do list. I have my fingers crossed that I have already done a few, but not taking any bets!