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Pet Bloggers To Bookmark Now


In two days, my family and I will pack up the Fidose-mobile and head towards the land of dice and showgirls, but not to partake in either: We are going cross country towards BlogPaws country. Pet bloggers are about to take over in many ways. (oh and you can meet us: just click here to find out how).

Armed with a passion for pets, a Cocker Spaniel by my side, a laptop and suitcases filled with what we hope will actually fit in the back of our SUV, it’s BlogPaws or Bust for us.

The road to successful pet blogging is much like that long and winding road upon which we are about to embark: twisty, turns, unexpected delays, but with persistence and proper planning, we arrive at our destination.

On Friday, you can tune in for our very first road trip report: As we’ll be showcasing some awesome pet-friendly accommodations, pictures and stories from the many friends and readers we will meet along the way, and then an entire 5 days of Vegas sweet Vegas gone to the dogs…and then some.

This journey cannot be done alone, and we have our family to guide us the whole way. In pet blogging, we feel a close kinship to many pet bloggers out there. We are excited to discover new faces at the BlogPaws Conference and connect with folks we have known for what seems like forever.

dar dog

We invite you to discover some of the pet blogs we visit regularly. In all honesty, we read in excess of 100 blogs a week, and that’s the honest to Dog truth. Here are a dozen of some of the folks who inspire us regularly. Oh and below these you will see a growing list that will topple 120 bloggers….and they are worth your time, too:

My Brown Newfies: Jennifer Costello is the brainchild behind this prose of two pooches who are mighty in stature and heart. It is Jen’s raw talent for humor and infusing herself in such a whimsical and stays with you way that bookmarking this site is a must-do. Like right now. Sherman would want it that way.

My GBGV Life: If you want examples of how to take spectacular photos, infuse a dog’s personality into them without the dog ever looking unhappy to pose, please run and do not walk to this blog. Ever hear of a GBGV? Me neither… and I get to meet this gifted writer/photographer and her pack at BlogPaws. Yay us!

Slim Doggy: Food, fitness, and fun for dogs: Three things pet parents pine for, right? Couple that with an incredible app to help guide your dog’s calories and more, and this is a site worth visiting often. Oh, and the new Slim Kitty site embraces all our feline friends.

dog quote

The Bark Blog: One of my favorite dog magazines, I love the off-the-beaten path articles in the magazine and the blog feature is original, touching at times, informative at others , but well worth a pit stop or two or three.

Oh My Shih Tzu: This is one of my favorite new blogs. Christine has a way of telling a story yet making you giggle with her wit and humor. She also infuses photography tips and has inspired me to want to do more with my photographic passions. She is also a Shih Tzu mom and very honest in her writings.

Woof Woof Mama: How can you not love a blog that shares blogging & tweeting advice on deals, pet care, travel, and more fun stuff!? I do not know how Liz does it, but she shares info on traveling with pets, gift ideas, recipes and training. Bonus points for including human stuff like diet, lifestyle, and more. Meeting Liz is on my must-meet list of fave bloggers.

dog breeds

Stylish Canine: Okay so it’s Jen’s hysterical sense of humor in her writing and that I heart her Instagram page with Mort and his antics that place her on this short list of blog faves. Jen has mad skills with graphics and design but she also does fashion and tech stuff and a whole bunch of other things that are over my head. I’m just glad she includes blogging into that list. You will be too, after checking her out.

Kol’s Notes: Jody has taught me more about how to look at dog stuff with a unique perspective than most other things I read. Yes our dogs both had ACL tears, and yes she can rock a dehydrator, but she is also damn raw, real, witty, and one of those undiscovered talents out there.

Oldies But Goodies Cocker Blog: Near and dear to my heart, but this rescue group is one of the most creative I have ever seen. If you need ideas for creative fundraising and/or want to give back to a rescue group in need, I highly recommend perusing this Cocker Spaniel blog. Double dog dare you not to melt from cuteness overload.


All Things Dog Blog: I learn. I come to this site to learn, and Carrie Boyko teaches me something each week. My dog’s flea and tick preventative care changed because of her and I like to give credit where credit is due. I also consider her a visionary and someone who incorporates her dogs into her lives: from yoga to going green. Definitely bookmark this visionary and thank me later.

BlogPaws: I would be remiss not to include this mecca of all things social media, pet blogging, pet and pet related as one of my twelve must visit pet blogs. I am a fan, a fellow writer for the site, and I am forever learning from the info presented there one to two times a day. Oh, and double bonus: The gated free community where close to 4,000 pet loving people come together to learn, share ideas, network, and more. High tail it over.

Attending five BlogPaws Conferences together

Dakota’s Dog Den: I love to read books but I do not always have the time to peruse the latest offerings and truly know if I am interested. Thanks to Caren Gittleman’s many book reviews and insights into prose of the bound variety, I never miss a beat. She gives things away and has a sister site to Dakota’s Den with Cat Chat with Caren and Cody.

And here are the rest of the promised bloggers who make my heart go pitter patter…

A dog lover of the highest order is how Gayle King introduced Carol Bryant, when she appeared with her Cocker Spaniel on Oprah Radio’s Gayle King show to dish dogs. Carol created and owns the trademark, My Heart Beats Dog® and lives that mantra. A 30-year veteran of the dog world, she is President of the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and the 2020 DWAA winner for Best Dog Blog.


  1. Christine Paul says

    OMST… I am so honored that you grouped me with such wonderful blogs, they are my fav’s too. I know I’ve been telling you a lot, but I can’t wait to meet you in Vegas!! Riley is super excited

  2. Hawk aka BrownDog says

    Hi Y’all!
    Have fun and enjoy the conference! Wish we were going but this is a super busy time of year for my Humans…maybe some year we’ll make the eastern one.
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. slimdoggy says

    Thanks so much for adding us to your list. We feel honored to be on there with such great blogs and pleased to see so many of my favorites on there too! Can’t wait to see everyone next week at BlogPaws. Have a safe trip!

  4. Emma says

    Thank you so much for mentioning Mom and I. Can’t wait to see you at BlogPaws. We will be heading out for a long fast drive Tuesday am, not much time for fun on the road. We plan to rest up in the car so we are ready to hit Vegas with all four paws Wed. night. Have a safe journey!

  5. Carrie boyko says

    Pitter patter, indeed. I’m sad that I will not be at Blogpaws to celebrate with all of you, although I’ll never say that I am sad about why. Our families always come before work. I’ll be busy watching my son receive his MBA at William & Mary, just as the Blogpaws group is enjoying their Saturday of terrific sessions. Please give everyone my best wishes; I’ll be there in spirit, as will Tanner and Oliver. Thanks Carol!

  6. Jodi (+ Koly & Fe too!) says

    I’m feeling very blessed, not only to have been included on this list of amazing bloggers who I respect and love, but also for the chance to do what I love, to have been inspired to know that this can be my career (if I just make it so) and to have an amazing supportive friend like you. <3

  7. Liz (Woof Woof Mama) says

    Thanks SO much for including Daisy & me on your list! We are in GREAT company , indeed! So sorry I won’t be able to attend BlogPaws this time but I do hope we will get to meet up soon somewhere on this side of the country!!!

  8. Jen says

    Carol!! Thank you for the very kind words and for making me blush! I’m more than honored to be on this list and I’m so heartbroken that I won’t be at BlogPaws this year! As the time grows closer my lip pouts a little more each day! I keep thinking of all the fun times and learning experiences I am going to be missing! I hope that you have a safe trip and an awesome time, as I know you will!

  9. Christina Berry says

    LOVE this great list of bloggers! I’m already reading 9 of them, and will soon be checking out the others! If they’ve got your stamp of approval, I know they’re awesome!

  10. Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101) says

    Carol, we’re purring with delight to see Cat Wisdom 101 on the list. I can’t wait to meet you and here’s a secret: everyone thinks I’m 100% cats but I love dogs. Okay, and goats and chickens and anything furry, scaled or feathered 🙂

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