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Pet backpack gets the ultimate dog test

Traveling with a dog can be a fun, rewarding, and filled with unexpected moments, especially when a Cocker Spaniel and a video camera is involved.

Followers of Fidose of Reality might know we are heading from Pennsylvania to Utah for the pet friendly social media event of the year, BlogPaws. Well, en route we are stopping in a variety of states and testing out some different pet products as we travel.

Today while taking our morning walk on the grounds of a pet-friendly Sheraton in Cleveland, Dexter and I put the Doodie Pack to its first hardcore test. I’ve talked about the Doodie Pack before, but I’ve never tested it quite to the degree as today. Remember the Timex tag line, “it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’?” Well today the Doodie Pack got a roll and came out looking whole. BOL (bark out loud).Doodie Pack Dog

This attractive vest holds a dog’s waste bags and then your pooch can carry the bag in the pack until you get to a can or using flushable bags for a toilet. As founder Kristin Elliott tells it, “Doodie Pack was an idea that sat in my head for several months, but as I kept noticing others in same dog walking situation, carrying the “nasty poop bag”, I felt more and more passionate that a solution needed to be found. As I listen to the owners whose dogs use Doodie Pack, they share with me that it is their solution of a “duty” or utility pack, where they can stow their keys, cell phone, wallet, bottled water, and treats. It is really a multipurpose pack now and it is being dubbed the new “doggie –diaper bag.”

Doodie Pack is a lightweight, durable, saddle bag-like back pack for dogs to carry organized essentials while out on a walk. In 3 sizes and 8 available colors, Doodie Pack fits dogs 8-180 pounds. Each pack features a perimeter of reflective safety tape and can be customized with a monogram or logo. Doodie Pack is proud to say, “We are Made in America”.

Pardon the rudimentary Flip video, but this one’s a must see… Dexter put the product to an unexpected test. Check it out:

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