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Pawer Women: Being a dog artist: Part 7 of 10

Be the change.  That’s what Annamarie "Missy" Johnson decided to do when she put brush to canvas and painted a menagerie of mutts in need.  Missy is our Pawer Woman for the weekend, but a celeb-r-artist in her own right.  Talk about bringing a cause to life. I've dubbed her the "Rembrandt for Rovers." She calls her mission Dogs for the Paws. “I wanted to do some type of … [Read more...]

Pawer Women: Launching a successful dog blog: Part 3 of 10

"I want to start a pet blog. I know I love dogs, have a lot to say and wish I could just find the time, resources and pretty much, how to do it. Help!" Want to meet a pawer woman? If I had a quarter every time I heard those words or a likeness thereof echoed in the past year, I’d probably be able to feed my pooch for a year on the earnings. Is a blog time-consuming and does … [Read more...]

Pet health insurance: What dog owners need to know (and ask)

Does my dog need pet health insurance? Is it worth it? These are questions I am asked frequently; enough to to merit a blog post addressing the topic of pet health insurance and what consumers should ask and look into before making the leap. For me is it worth it? You bet. I'm one of those do whatever is necessary to take care of my dog people. With that, I view pet health … [Read more...]

Where to go when you stay: Peeing pet-iquette 101

Love traveling with your dog? Taking Bowser on a bountiful road trip? Weekend warriors cruising down Route 66, Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise? Well, you get the reference points. When Fido's gotta go, Fido simply must go. As a traveler whose idea of a sidekick requires potty breaks, there's a bit of petiquette to pee when traveling life's highways and biways. Here, then, … [Read more...]

Top 10 Dog Friendly Leaf Peeping Destinations

Imagine you and your dog crunching through autumn’s quilt that blankets our nation’s trees this fall.Though the calendar says August, pumpkins and cornstalks will be here in two shakes of a tail. Maybe you'd like to plan a weekend warrior getaway or a week-long exploration with your pooch. Dog friendly destinations are ripe on the vine! Not sure if you’re a leaf peeper? Do … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Grieving Dog Mom

by: Carol Bryant There’s a hole in my heart where whole used to be. Those were the first words that came to mind when I sat down today to write this piece about grief, the power it spews into one’s life whether we want it or not. The great Emily Dickinson wrote so many passages about death, yet one resonates over and over, “Forever is composed of nows.” It certainly is. Are … [Read more...]

Beyond the Rainbow Bridge: Dogs Who Communicate

For those of you who have loved and lost a beloved pet, a furry family member, I have been there, done that, and can empathize and sympathize with your array of emotions and intense grief. For me, it doesn’t get easier. As my friend Arlene writes, “Time acts as sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges.” The pain, however, is there. That hollow gut-wrenching realization. It’s … [Read more...]