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One Resource You Need To Fight Against Dog Obesity

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Does your dog need to lose weight but you don’t know where exactly to start or what the “healthy” way to do it means? You aren’t alone. There is an dog obesity and overweight dog epidemic in this country. Maybe you’d like to lose a few pounds or just get in shape, too. I know I could use a bit more exercise and to drop at least 5 pounds.

After a year of healthy eating, long walks and increased activity, Peggy Frezon lost 40 pounds and her dog, Kelly, lost six pounds (15 percent of her body weight)! The journey and how-to’s are detailed in Frezon’s new book, Dieting with my Dog. Frezon does it again with her latest offering, The Dieting With My Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance. This is one of those must-have, tell-it-like-it-is books you reach for time and again. First, read it through, and second use it as a guidebook to keep you and Fido healthy throughout life’s highways and bi-ways.

As part of her blog book tour, Fidose of Reality sits down with Peggy Frezon for an insider’s look at the author, the book, and why they are so many portly pooches in this country! Plus we’re giving a copy of the book away (read on at the end).


Fidose: Tell us a bit about yourself, why dogs as a topic, and how many dogs you have at present.

Peggy Frezon: I’m so lucky that I get to read, research and write about dogs every day! I’ve been writing for Guideposts magazine for 10 years, and because I’m interested in dogs, most of my articles are about people and dogs. It works out great, because Guideposts readers love dogs. And I’m always inspired by the people I interview for articles and the way they’ve helped dogs, or dogs have helped them in life.
I love dogs because all the dogs in my life have meant a lot to me. Humans are able to form connections with dogs on a deep level. Right now we have two dogs, Kelly who an 11 year old long haired dachshund-cocker spaniel mix. And, after this spring we lost Brooks, who we adopted when he was 11 years old, we just adopted another golden retriever, 6 year old Ike.

Fidose: We read and are fans of your Dieting with my Dog book and often refer our readers to it as a great resource. Tell us about this new book, why you decided to dive back into this topic, and what the book is about.

Peggy: Thank you! Dieting with my Dog is a story of my personal weight loss journey with my dog, Kelly. After the book came out, many people responded and wanted to know how they could lose weight with their dog too. My new book is chock full of tips on healthy food for you and your dog, what you should weigh for you and your dog, weight loss strategies for you and your dog, exercises you can do together, how to get started in activities such as hiking with your dog, swimming with your dog, even snowshoeing with your dog!

Fidose: Why do you feel there is such an epidemic of pet obesity in this country?

Peggy: I think it’s partly due to a new feeling that dogs are part of the family. They aren’t kept outside in the dog house anymore. As we’re becoming more attached to our pets, we want to spoil them or give them treats, and we’re not always aware of how many calories our dogs need, and how many calories are contained in all the extra treats and table scraps they’re getting. Then, so much of our time is spent plugged in, in front of the TV and computer, that Fido might not be getting as many walks as he needs.

Fidose: What are 3 small steps every dog parent can take to keep their pet’s weight and health in check?

1. Determine how much your dog needs and measure your dogs food (not just “one scoop”).
2. Be sure you take your dog out on at least one or two short walks a day. It’s not only physically beneficial for your dog, but it’s also good for your dog’s mind, and it’s good for you too!
3. Weigh your dog often. It’s not always easy to tell when your dog has put on a pound, or a 1/2 pound for a small dog. Keeping an eye on the scales will help make sure you’re on the right track.

Fidose: What can folks do if they want their dog to lose weight but not feel a guilt trip or like the bad guy for lessening or cutting back on treats?dog_exercise

Peggy: Substitute healthy treats! My dogs love baby carrots, apple slices and bits of banana. Also, sometimes I buy itty bitty dog biscuits. The tiniest ones I can find, even for my golden retriever. That way you can still give him a cookie, but it’s only a few calories!

Fidose: Where can folks learn more about you?

Peggy: Connect with Peggy at Peggy’s Pet Place , Peggy Frezon, Books on Facebook (, follow her on twitter @peggyfrezon. Fetch her free newsletter and Pawsitively Pets

Purchase your copy of The Dieting With My Dog Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance on Amazon and don’t wait another minute to get healthy with Fido!

Meantime, Fidose of Reality is giving a copy of this fab book away in our Third Annual Halloween Dog Photo Contest, so enter today!


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