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Do Not Wish Pit Bulls a Merry Christmas

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Hey pit bulls, this blog loves you.

Have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays  unless you are a pit bull, pit bull mix, or a Rottweiler. That’s right: Do not wish Pit Bulls a Merry Christmas.

Oh and have a Merry Christmas but do NOT wish a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, or any form of daily pleasantries to blonde women. Steer clear of all blonde women, especially the ones who highlight their hair, color their roots, or who appear to be something they aren’t: One never knows what blondes are really like.

It would not make sense if I went went around writing things like that in the second paragraph, but a sense of shock and awe seems to be in order for one blonde in particular these days.

On December 15, 2014, radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, shared the following LIVE on air:

“If you’re out with a Rottweiler, nobody will talk to you.”

“Take a cute pet for a walk.”

You see, Dr. Laura went to a shelter and there were about 95 percent Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes.

“I know this is gonna get somebody angry but I think they should all be put down,” she spewed.

If you missed it, popular talk show host, Schlessinger, shared with her listeners with regard to Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes,

 “I know this is gonna get somebody angry but I think they should all be put down.”

She did, however, share, “Go to a dog park. You can’t help but sit there and talk to people.”

By the way, the  name of Schessinger’s segment on the December 15th show was, “Ways to Fight Loneliness.”

Schlessinger is not a dog trainer. Schlessinger practiced as a licensed marriage, family, and child counselor for more than a decade. She’s been kicked off the airwaves before. One of her present roles is as radio host on Sirius XM radio. If I, as a gay woman, walk down the street with a Rottweiler, I’d be shunned by Schlessinger. She’s seen it happen, after all.

Listen to the entire broadcast excerpt here: (we will not refer web traffic directly to Schlessinger’s website). This YouTube excerpt is from a December 15th, 2014, live broadcast and recorded by a listener:

Not everyone embraces the holidays. Millions of people incorporate pets into their family gatherings. Many people have no one to celebrate a holiday with except their pets. Millions of people are missing a pet this holiday season. Millions of dogs sit in shelters waiting for a home from pedigree to mutts.

A petition is online calling for signatures so that sponsors might consider the boycott of  Schlessinger’s show. This woman is no stranger to controversy. She is a shock jock. Hearing this woman and similar on-air personalities whose sole purpose is to incite and boost ratings through words, my skin has thickened over the years.

Schlessinger, however, is blonde and not to be trusted. Blondes are very temperamental and well, trusting them can lead to any number of unexpected outcomes.

That’s horrible to read, right? It’s also very very untrue. If I really meant something like that, anarchy would ensue. I’d lose followers. People would tell my sponsors. It would be really unkind.

Who in their right mind encourages death of Pit Bulls and other associated “Pit Bull Mixes?  If there are any Rottweiler, Pit Bull, or Pit Bull mix dog parents/owners/guardians reading this, I share in your outrage. Sadly, Schlessinger is not alone in her hatred.  Anyone recall the alderman in Louisiana who nearly caused the death of a therapy dog who happened to assist a special needs child?

This post is to inform our readers and encourage you to educate people, turn off the Schlessinger show, and let her sponsors know that words encouraging death will not be tolerated. Her Twitter handle is @drlauraprogram.

When one person in a position of power, as Schlessinger has on the air waves, advocates for harm or even death, people listen.  According to her Facebook page, “ Dr. Laura delivers a no-nonsense, all-common sense approach to modern living, while providing a moral compass for those courageous enough to take responsibility for their own lives and make a commitment to place family values first.”

I’m really scared. And I really like blondes; brunettes, red heads, bald folks, and everything in between: As long as they don’t try to take away my rights or encourage the murder of innocent lives.

Schlessinger apologized on her Facebook page on December 19, stating, “After reading the emails from pit bull lovers, I realize that my comments were hurtful. I apologize for causing any pit bull owner/fancier any distress.”

She stands by her words, friends. I read her words and feel pretty damn lonely. I’m donating to a Pit Bull rescue today in honor of Schlessinger and her hatred. It might not save the 95 percent of Pit Bulls a hate-filled heart wants dead, but it’s my way of keeping love alive. How about you?

The truth about Pit Bulls can be found here:

Pinups for Pitbulls

or here: Victoria Stilwell’s Pitbull Blog Post

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  1. Pitbulls and other breeds that receive the perception of being aggressive are greatly misunderstood by many. Though they can have aggressive tendencies (just like all dogs), this is due to the lack of training by the owner and environment they are brought up in. These breeds can be very loving and great with family, it is all about how they are trained and raised.

  2. I love that “family values” statement – what the hell does that mean, anyway? I’ve always thought her to be an ignorant, narrow-minded bigot, so it’s good to see that she’s living up to my expectations.
    The damage of her statement is done – no half-assed apology is going to erase the prejudice she’s spewed about pitbulls on the airwaves. Let’s give her the heave-ho!

  3. Wow, so painful to listen to. She was giving good advice for people fighting depression and loneliness over the holidays but then she throws in the totally unnecessary crap about pitts and how she once owned a scary doberman herself. Sad she doesn’t get the companionship a dog, any TYPE of dog, can provide during times of depression. Sadder is the fact she is adding to the BSL hysteria. I watched a true movie recently about a woman who was viciously attacked by a badly treated pit which caused her to lose her baby. Later she came across a burned broken pitt pup she rescued and later adopted. That first dog could have made her a fearful hater but she allowed the second dog to show her love. I think I’ll get through the holidays just fine with my little “ratty dog” who easily got along with a past full grown foster pitt mix.

    1. Such a beautiful act of kindness for that woman to do that, Kirby. I am scared by people who make generalizations and put “all” of something into one category. For this Schlessinger woman to want all Pits, Pit Bulls mixes, etc to be killed is beyond comprehension.

  4. She is way out of line. Sure, everyone loves certain breeds more than other but we love different races of people, sizes of people, hair colors etc. Just because it isn’t her choice she should never say that being someone that lots of folks listen too. What if she had said that about a human race? Totally irresponsible. Have your own thoughts if you want, but keep them to yourself Laura!

  5. Wow – I couldn’t bring myself to listen to that kind of ignorance…the apology isn’t enough, she needs to reverse herself on the show and maybe educate herself too…oh, but what am I thinking, it’s her job to stir up controversy of a negative kind, so…

  6. I volunteer at an SPCA shelter. Yes we have a lot of pit and pit mixes. But what wonderful dogs they can be with training and love. I have friends who would not have any other breed other than a pit, because they can be such good family members.

  7. I read and posted that on my GooglePlus communities, and twitter…I was and still am ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGED. It is hurtful and terrible for her to make such a broad and blanketing statement. I never listened to her show before but now I absolutely cannot stand the woman.
    All the hard work that rescues around the country and world do to change people’s minds about certain dog breeds is undone because of people like her.
    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to address this on my blog, but now I know I definitely do.

    Thank you for your post and your love!!
    “DZ Dogs Mom”
    ~with love from Dante & Ziva!

  8. “It’s not the breed, it’s the owner.”- Cesar Millan
    In my neighborhood there are a couple pit bulls/pit bull mixes. They are the quietest, most well behaved dogs on the block. There are a couple chihuahuas on the other hand who run loose, have chased my daughter’s bike, nipping at her and have attacked my Cockers. (My first cocker, Mia actually grabbed one by the head when it tried to bite me, I stopped her just in time from picking it up and shaking it.). It’s the owner!

  9. Her “apology” was meant to placate people and it holds no real value because in all honesty, she isn’t sorry for anything. She didn’t say “I’m sorry for making uninformed, hateful statements.” She didn’t say “I’ll make it up to all the Pit Bulls that may have been killed or left homeless due to my irresponsible comments, by volunteering at my local shelter.”

    But honestly, I can’t waste time on someone who’s so ill-informed and hateful. I’m too busy working to counteract the damage done by comments like hers and other ignorant “authority figures”. Pit Bulls make up more than 50 percent of the dog population in most US shelters, and blatant ignorance like hers is what kills more than half of them. When these “authorities” make uninformed, off-the-cuff statements like hers, people who are uneducated or too lazy to do their own research take her words at face value and, worse, share them with their friends, and pretty soon everyone believes Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous and “should be put down”, and not because they’ve had any actual experience with a Pit Bull-type dog, but because Dr. Laura said so and she’s a celebrity so she must know what she’s talking about.

  10. Wow, it is so discouraging to read things like this. I just can’t understand how people are still so judgemental of certain breeds. I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising, as you pointed out, we are still so judgemental of other human beings. We have a long way to go as a society.

  11. Wow. I can’t believe she would say those things. As a small dog owner/lover the “ratty dog” comment really gets under my skin too. I can’t stand when people say Chihuahuas (or small breeds) look like a rat. We’ve had people scream that at us when walking Chuy. I don’t understand that mentality. Based on her comments it sounds like she really doesn’t like any dogs!

  12. Nothing that wack-job says shocks me anymore. She is a sorry, sorry soul & those who follow her are sorry souls as well. Haters are going to hate, they feed off it. The only thing that shocked me is that she actually issued an apology?? So unlike her. I wonder who really wrote it and pretended to be her? (Sarcastic LOL). I’m happy I’ve had the privilege of knowing and helping to adopt out so many wonderful Pitties! All we can do is keep on educating people and supporting the breed.

  13. OMG, this is outrageous! I know some vets and groomers don’t particularly like cocker spaniels, so now I’m worried that Dr. Laura might get wind of that and spew out venom against cockers one day! OMG!

  14. The amount of ignorance being spewed by people with actual outlets for broadcasting their views is truly sad– always bad news to hear about critically inaccurate misconceptions being lauded as moral superiority.

  15. I can’t stand it when ignorant people get a little bit of power and a platform to speak on. You hit it spot on when you said that her words actually made you feel lonely, which defeats the purpose of her being on air in the first place. I just don’t understand why people insist on being full of anger. Great post!

  16. Shame on this woman! I came across an article on the Dogington Post a few days ago, talking about what Dr. Schlessinger said. I couldn’t believe the words I read, and did what the Dogington Post suggested: I sent several messages to her sponsors, wondering if they really want to sponsor someone who advocates killing dogs.

  17. Sigh-how I wish that woman would just retire. I wonder if she knows that in Germany, Rottweilers were originally bred as cart dogs for children? Remember how Doberman Pinchers were demonized in the ’60’s and ’70’s? As if racking a dog’s ears to stand up turns them into a killer. German Shepherds were originally bred as cattle gathering herders in Germany. The fact that the Nazis decided they could be remade into “police” dogs is not the dogs fault. All of this is insanity. I’ve seen cocker spaniels that were vicious because they were abused and tortured. My two spaniels would be terrified if someone went to hit them. Training, socialization, more training, and activities make a happy, healthy, well behaved dog(s). When Molly tries to rip food off of the counter or Clementine decides to rip the guts out of a squeaky toy then I know I have not been doing my duty. They need a walk, some mental stimulation, and activity. Fresh air is good for every body!

  18. I’m so late to this post, but thank you for writing it. And, as a blonde pit bull lover, thank you for making that parallel – such a clear illustration. It’s outrageous and sad and heartbreaking. We have an uphill battle to fight for our sweet dogs. They’re absolutely worth it, of course, and I believe that love will always prevail over hate. Eventually.

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