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Newfangled Lost Pet Finders Bring 65-85% More Hope to Pet Owners

Several times a year while I’m out walking my dog, I come across someone who’s looking for a lost pet. My heart sinks because I know the frantic feeling of missing a beloved furry friend, not knowing where he is or if he’s safe. Also I know how dogs and cats can quickly find themselves in strange places.

The good news is, you can say goodbye to the old days of making your own posters, nailing them on telephone poles and driving around local streets with a flashlight, hoping to find your lost dog or cat. It’s much easier to let your community know about your missing pet.lost pet

And thanks to the Internet, social media, email, smartphones and sophisticated calling systems, more missing pets are reunited with their owners than ever before.

Today’s modern pet alert systems can result in an 85% success rate if the alert goes out in the first week according to our records… 75% success rate after two weeks… and 65% success rate after eight weeks. Lost pets are even found months after being lost, thanks to high-tech alert systems.

So how do these new lost pet finders use today’s technology… and why are they more successful?

Let’s say your pet runs out the back door to chase a squirrel. Here’s what can happen with the high-tech approach:

  • Poster alerts: Your lost pet alert poster is dispatched at once by fax and email to 100 or more local vet clinics, animal shelters, pet stores and other pet businesses in your area.
  • Social Alerts: The poster is also uploaded into Facebook and Twitter, where thousands of followers see it at once. Plus you can share the poster with your social media connections and also email it to everyone you know in your area. And of course, you can print out copies and post them around the neighborhood as well.
  • Phone alerts: Your lost pet alert can reach hundreds of neighbors at once by phone through a sophisticated, Do Not Call Registry-accepted system that uses a local number (less likely to be screened out than 800 numbers). These calls provide your pet’s details and how to reach you if found.
  • Smartphones/QR Codes: Some systems use QR codes on the alert posters. People can scan the code on their mobile phones to find your pet’s online profile page and contact info.

You can see how your chances of success are increased by modern lost pet finders that help you reach hundreds if not thousands of people, all looking out for your missing pet. Luckily for many pets, these high tech methods are working.

Have you ever lost a pet? Have you had success in finding him or her? Have you ever used modern methods to find your pet? Please tell us your story by posting a comment here. If you know someone who has lost a pet, you may want to tell them about Thank you!

This special guest post is provided by Mark Jakubczak, Certified Pet Detective and Founder,



  1. Michele C. Hollow says

    Thanks. My cat got out during a kitchen remodel. I told all of the workers not to open the window screens. All windows were open,and the screens were in place. I told them to close the front and back doors when they came n and out with supplies. I was a bit annoying in my persistence of telling the workers to make sure my cat would stay indoors. Well, we came home and the kitchen window was wide open with the screen open
    One of the workers decided to raise the screen.
    We came home and Earl Gray was not in the house. I, who am usually calm, tore into the worker who opened the window. I also tore into the owner of the company. Fortunately, he was in our backyard. We didn’t see him at first. But after 15 minutes I spotted him. I called him and he came in the door.

    • Carol Bryant says

      Michele, I can only imagine the horror you felt. As I read that I felt my panic and I am glad Earl Gray was found and okay. How scary!

      Caren, microchipping is so important indeed. We recently invested in one of those GPS collars from Tagg, too.

  2. caren gittleman says

    wonderful and informative post! Thankfully I have never lost a pet for long…only had my first cat get out and hide under a pine tree for hours.

    in addition, I would say it is important to make sure our pets are microchipped so that when they ARE found they can be returned even faster!

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