Dr Buzbys toe grips

New Product Helps Senior Dogs (and More)

Dr Buzbys toe grips

Every now and then a unique dog product comes along that I absolutely must share with Fidose of Reality readers. Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips for dogs is that product. Designed for slipping/weak senior dogs, they are also helpful for disabled and rehabilitating dogs. So if you have a dog with back or mobility issues, have a home with hardwood floors, or have a dog who is a bit older and could use some stability due to arthritis, slowing down, joint issues, or any other host of health issues: This is the product for your pooch.

Right off the bat, Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips are not a fashion statement and it is not nail polish. When my dog, Dexter, tore his two ACLs – yes, both legs and almost a year apart to the day – these toe grips would have been beneficial during his recovery.

toe grips

Here’s the Scoop

Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips provide instant traction and confidence for dogs who struggle on hard-surface floors and stairs—such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, marble, etc.

With this unique patent-pending approach, here’s how ToeGrips work to help senior dogs, arthritic dogs, and other dogs who struggle on slippery surfaces:

  • Improved mobility and stability
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced risk of slip-and-fall injuries
  • Plus, you no longer have to consider covering your whole house in mats and runners. Throw rugs are gone with ToeGrips!

Do Dogs Chew Them Off?

Since these ToeGrips rest on the nail and are not in contact with sensitive tissue/skin, 97 percent of dogs do not seem to notice them, even dogs who are notorious for resenting things on their paws, according to Dr. Buzby.

Dr Buzbys toe grips

Putting Them To the Test

Kim Kiernan, Social Media Manager for Welcome Home Dog Rescue, discovered Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips at BlogPaws.

She says:

Poppy and I love Dr. Buzby’s Toe Grips! Dr. Buzby is a holistic veterinarian who invented this wonderful product. She fit Poppy with a full set of red Toe Grips (size small) at the BlogPaws Convention, so we could try them out. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result! The nails are trimmed first while the Toe Grips are placed in a shallow dish of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol allows the rubber pieces to slip easily over each nail. Dr. Buzby told me that a set can last for as long as three months with proper maintenance. Each dog is different. Poppy may have more displaced Toe Grips since she slightly drags her back paws.

I have to check each of Poppy’s 16 nails everyday, to make sure the Toe Grips are still in the proper place, in what Dr. Buzby calls the “grip zone.” When they’re placed properly, part of the rubber grip has contact with the floor. This is what makes them so effective in helping the mobility of arthritic and other special needs dogs. Poppy has had 3 disc ruptures and 2 spinal surgeries from IVDD. For the first time since 2012, Poppy can run on slippy floors. She can sit on my laminate floor! Poppy has some permanent neurological challenges, but the Toe Grips are teaching her to fully pick up her back paws when she walks. I’m so grateful to Dr. Buzby for inventing this wonderful product! So many dogs have mobility and slippage issues as they get older. This product will end up helping a lot of dogs!

And here is Poppy wearing them with a fab video to show them in action:

I met Dr. Buzby at the conference and can confirm she really cares about animals and their well being, with her genuine love of what she does and it shines!

If you want further information and to buy Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips, click here.

Note: We were not compensated for this post and we just believe in sharing fab products for the overall health and well being of dogs. Opinions expressed are our own.

Two take-aways:

If dogs eat them, the material is food grade and safe.

Be sure to get the right size!


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  1. I would actually consider getting a pair of these for my dog. We live on a dirt road and in the winter it turns to a sheet of ice. It’s so hard for our poor Milo to walk. I bet this would help.

  2. Thanks for this…Jack is slipping more and more on our wood floors. I got some of those booties, but they are so tight around his ankle…I may give these a try.

  3. This is the first I’ve seen of these. My German Shepherd is young, but she constantly slips and slides on our hardwood floors when she is excited. Might have to give these a try!

  4. These sound like a wonderful product! They could really help a lot of pups out there. It sounds like a lot of dogs get those ACL injuries.

  5. I made a video when Poppy’s toe grips were being applied. (And it was the vodka from my swag bag that was used in the process!) My concern about the grips was that a dog would balk at having them applied, but Poppy didn’t seem to mind too much. I could post it on YouTube if you’d like to link to it in your article.

  6. We just tested and reviewed these also for Gibson, who has a weak hind end, two torn CCLs, and arthritis and found them to be just wonderful! Good takeaway points!

  7. Woow .. now that’s what you call an advance in Technology … It’s nice that these older Dogs have an alternate to keep them alive even longer

  8. I first heard of the Toe Grips from Chubbs the Wampug so I was really excited to meet Dr. Buzby in person! She was out of Pug’s size but told me to call the office when I got home and they’d ship me a set. We received them within a couple of days. I’m just waiting to apply them until we visit our groomer and get his nails trimmed up at the same time.

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