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New Pose a Pet App Saves Lives and Gives Money Away

How many times did you see your dog doing something cute, try to snap a photo really quick, but it ends up looking like this?

cocker spaniel
Uh Dex, over here, hon.

How cool would it be to have an app on your phone that uses the same sounds professional pet photographers use to “pose a pet?”

Dex looking at the Pose-a-Pet app.

So that’s the really cool part about the new Pose-a-Pet app: You can get your pet to take professional-looking images without having to trek down to a studio, fork over gobs of money, and then hope you get just the right pose.

pose a pet app

The Pose-a-Pet app is designed for rescue groups to take better images of animals in need, frame the photo instantly, and even create a virtual flyer. The image can be instantly shared to social media.

Here’s how it looks in action:

pose a pet app

But wait, it gets better.

Who’s doing this and why? The makers of this app heard that if just 1 percent of the US population fostered a homeless animal, the shelters would be nearly empty! They want to help to make that dream a reality!

As the co-founder of Wigglebutt Warriors, the fundraising arm of Fidose of Reality, getting homeless animals into their forever loving homes is a shared goal with the Pose-a-Pet app folks. At our next rescue fundraiser taking place April 16, 2016, the Wigglebutt Warriors will select one lucky 501(c)3 to benefit from Wigglebutts Uncorked: Details here.


In the meantime, your favorite rescue will benefit and so will your favorite dog(s).

Here’s the scoop:

  • The app is free to download
  • There are in app purchases available which your rescue/shelter will benefit from
  • The folks at Pose-A-Pet will donate 50% of all of their app upgrade fees to a different Animal Rescue, Shelter or Advocacy group every week! That’s an amazing opportunity for a rescue group!

Have a favorite animal rescue you want to get involved and receive some funds?

It’s easy! Just send them a link to this page and ask them to fill out this short questionnaire, and the Pose-a-Pet folks will get back to them ASAP.

This week, the folks at Pose-a-Pet are giving 50 percent of the upgrades to the app to a 501(c)3 dog rescue group I adore: Abandoned Angels Cocker Rescue group.  Thank you so much!

cute cocker

For every upgrade to the app made this week, 50 percent of the profits will go to help Cockers in need, like the cutie above.

Here’s what to do BEFORE SUNDAY, 03/29/15:

1 Download the Pose-a-Pet app for free here.

2 Purchase any of the upgrades available with the app (premium).

3 Cockers in need will get money. You get an amazing app.

 pose a pet app

Go here for info on the Pose-a-Pet app

And LIKE the folks from Pose-a-Pet on Facebook

Now start saving lives and taking really fab photos of your pets. The Pose-a-Pet app is available on both iphone and Android. This campaign is hosted by MyKidHasPaws.org and DogsnPawz.com.

Who’s ready to start taking great pics and giving back all at once???

Disclaimer: I have knowingly and willingly signed up for this Pose A PetTM campaign in order for Abandoned Angels Cocker Rescue to financially benefit from the app downloads. However, Fidose of Reality only shares information that we feel is relevant. Pose A PetTM is not responsible for the content of this article.

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  1. This is a win win for the pet owner and rescue group! I’m always looking for better ways to take pics of my dogs. I’m downloading this one now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This sounds like such an interesting app! I love that they donate a portion of their app upgrade proceeds to a different animal rescues and groups.

  3. This is great! I saw a pin with that border on the photo promoting an adoptable dog but I had no idea it was from an app. Photos make a great difference in the decision of a person wanting to adopt a dog. Thank you to the creator, the hosts and the you for sharing!

  4. Oh, how fun is this! I love taking photos of my animals and I had no idea there was an app to help that! I often end up with photos that I just delete!

  5. Now that I finally have a phone that can handle apps, I’m going to have to try this one! Kitsune is a pro in front of a camera, but there are times when he gets a bit distracted and doesn’t want to look my way. I’m going to have to see how the app works with my rabbits too. They usually aren’t nearly as photogenic as my dog is.

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