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Fidose of Reality is forever on the prowl for the latest and greatest dog products, dog travel destinations, pet-friendly parenting tips, and dog news you can use. Pet parents, unite! was recently launched so we decided to take a peek and see what the bark is all about.

At its core, offers tips and advice from pet parents, has thousands of pet products along with connecting pet parents with resources and answers to questions. What we loved about the site most of all is the experience is completely customized depending on the type of pet you have. I logged in, signed up and shared basic information about our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter. automatically found articles and products most relevant to my Dexter.

Product Recalls and Alerts alerts pet parents to the most up-to-date product and brand recalls, and this information appears on the main screen. Each morning and night I check this screen for good measure and dog product safety updates and any recalls that might have occurred that day. No more worrying and wondering if I saw the latest post or tweet about this product or that product.

dog product recall


The community allows for dog moms and dads to ask and ask pet questions on the forum boards, engage with other pet parents like myself, and share pet stories and pictures. They just started a Cocker Spaniel group, too. *wigglebutt wag*

Pet360 community


Retail therapy with the click of a mouse:  We tested the shopping section and were blown away by the number of products, brands, and savings we found. Coolest of all, the shopping experience is even customized to my dog’s needs, interests, wants, and more. So while you are welcome to browse and shop the entire website, there are specific things recommended to my dog, Dexter. Here’s a peek at that screen. If you have more than one furry family member, no worries: To add all of your pets, go to your account page and click on the “Add a Pet” button.

Pet360 shop

Do You Spoil Your Pet?

This is just a sampling of what we found in when we gave it a test run. Beyond that, all pet parents are also encouraged to take part in their fun survey, which asks questions like “do you sleep with your dog?” If you answer the survey, as we did, will email you the results so you can see what other pet parents said. Fun!

CLICK ALERT: Here’s the link to take the “Spoil Your Pet” survey. is definitely worth nosing into, bookmarking, and is a fun, customized site that treats dog moms and dads like the pet parents we are.


Note: We were not compensated for this review and the opinions are that of our own at Fidose of Realtiy; we just love sharing the word about awesome products and site to check out for dogs and their dog-loving parents.




  1. Great pet resource for information and products, Carol. I never heard of Pet 360 until now. I’ve created an account and registered my pets. The site really seems to have it all as you’ve explained. I love the alerts; this makes me feel so much better about up to date recalls! I’ve browsed the community forum, and I am looking forward to becoming an active member.

    Thanks again, Carol. You are always on the cusp of the latest and greatest, which is why I follow you everywhere. Don’t worry, I’m not stalking you, your information is priceless!

    • LOL, Ellen. Thanks for chiming in. I, too, love the alerts an the product selections. Oh, and the shipping was super fast – forgot to mention. Happy Howlidays!

  2. What an awesome new website for furparents! Thanks for the heads up on I will register Poppy today!

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