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New dog toys and fun items to hit the marketplace

Some more fun and news from Global Pet Expo to report to our fur-ends and fans. Dog toys are coming!

What would an expo of dog products be without toys and some off-the-beaten path fun? Here are several of the products that caught our eye and made our tails wag during Global Pet Expo last week in Orlando, Florida. And if you missed it, we reviewed some of our top safety and health picks for dogs earlier this week.

From Sergeant’s, here is the Zoink Glow Ball, which has been on the market, with a twist. Check out the crazy and fun-looking duck. This will be launched this year. They are motion activated with a glow-in-the-dark ball.  Sergeant’s New Product


From Pets First Choice I saw these toys and think I like them mostly for me and may or may not share with the dog (kidding). How cute are these. Very trendy. Just supervise with your dog when playing with any sort of toy they can tear apart. Pets First Choice Toys




Again with the personalization factor, just like people, dogs have unique personalities, too. Check these out from Who’s Your Doggie?  These are satiny squares on a rugged rope, meant for lighthearted play and fun.


I see a pun on the word rabbit and knowing I share life with a Cocker Spaniel, this piqued my curiosity. It is the “Wabbit” Dog Toy from Ruff Dawg. Will be released this year.


There were several tugging toys that begged of a play session such as this one that tv’s Dr. Marty Becker picked as one of his faves: The Bionic Toss n Tug Toy. It flies and floats and can be tugged to a pooch’s heart’s content.



Here is another toy dubbed “Puller” by Collar company and to explain more, a video.


From Katie’s Bumpers, I found these “get out and play with your dog” toys and some new ones ready to hit the doggy marketplace. These are the XYZ fire hose dog toys:



Any of you that play the lottery out there? Let your pooch get in on the fun with this one. I can honestly say I never saw a Lottery Game for dogs til now. The company says you can actually play this with your dog, but you can read more about that here (and I am so not going to teach my dog a poker face):



From R2P Pet Ltd, rubber-strengthened dog toys – they tout the products as synthetic with a felt that will be easy on dog’s teeth while he or she plays.



After all that playing, perhaps Fido needs to cool off with a dog-approved smoothie? I drooled for this one from Mrs. Barksmith’s. Smoothies for dogs!!!! Wheat, gluten and dairy-free AND has a cool smoothie server!



And if Fido really needs to kick back and unwind after a hard day of playing, how about a Brew Buddies “beer” for dogs, made with real malted barley. Oh yes, beer has gone to the dogs. Buddy Brew is an all-natural beef broth brew enhanced with vitamins and glucosamine. Touted as a “canine lapping lager,” this definitely stopped me in my tracks.



*We were not compensated nor endorsed  for any of the above.

Stay tuned next week for some fun peeps we met walking the expo floor…. til then, happy waggy weekend. Have fun with your dog this weekend and always!


  1. Ellen says

    Awesome selection. I love the sneak preview. Looking forward to a few of these items for my dog. Thanks for sharing with your readers. You always seem to have your pulse on the dog world.

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