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New Dog Products Debut at Global Pet Expo

global pet expo

Global Pet Expo is the pet industry’s largest annual trade show. Global takes place every year in Orlando, Florida, and is held at the Orange County Convention Center. Why does this matter to you, the dog parents of the world?  Pet products are launched and unveiled at Global, which in 2012, featured 896 exhibitors; 2,487 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches; with  5,011 pet product buyers from around the world in attendance. New dog products hit the market and were unleashed at Global. The show is not open to the general public, so we have an insider’s peek at the fab stuff that rolls out there for pets. 

 To give you an idea of the massive landscape that is Global, the floor space equates to about 14 football fields in size. As I walked with team BlogPaws from booth to booth, our dog paws sure felt tired after a day of cascading amongst the newest products on the dog (and other pet) market and ready to roll out this year.

Since Global is so massive, we could not possibly share all our experiences and products with Fidose of Reality fans in one article. On that note, we’ll be sharing Global 2013 stories and images, video and interesting info over the next few days in a series of posts.

We spent a great deal of time in the New Products section for dogs, which allows us to take a peek into the future of the industry. Taking the lead were many healthy, organic, and environmentally friendly products for dogs, which would also resonate throughout the entire trade show floor. Here are 10 Favorite Fidose Finds from Global 2013. Take a peek over at and stay tuned for these products coming soon!


Water is one of the most essential needs that we all require. Entice your dog to drink more water with these new water fountains from PetSafe. My favorite is the Avalon Ceramic Fountain, offering 70 ounces of fresh filtered water in a porcelain design. Upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for dogs. Price to be determined.




This one caught our eye: The Raymend pet groomer with Biolight Technology. According to the manufacturer, this revolutionary, state-of-the-art groomer helps stimulate circulation to promote a shiny coat, healthy skin, muscles and joints as well as enhancing your dog’s general well being.  Priced at $49.95.




The PetDek is a great accessory for folks who travel with their dogs. It  provides a fairly level, sturdy and comfortable surface for pets, whether loose or caged. The leveling blocks on the bottom raise the rear of the PetDek, eliminating up to 100% of the angle, depending on the particular seat.  Priced at $129.95.

Pet Dek


As part of team BlogPaws, the PetDek was my Global Pet Expo favorite product!


 Tracerz scent markers  are great for any indoor area such as home, apartment or office. Each Tracerz™ pack comes with 20 obstacle scent markers and 8 path scent markers. They are designed to assist blind dogs with adjusting to their environment. They can be placed on walls, furniture, carpet, tile, hardwood, doors, trim, appliances, vinyl, glass and much more.

blind dog marker


 Zippy Dynamics is an United States-based company and the maker of this smoking hot jumpsuit for dogs. We loved it so much, our Puppy Relations (PR) Manager, Dexter, was fitted for one, too!  The integrated adjustable cord system (ACS) gives dog owners the ability to adjust the length of the body suit as well as the length of the pant legs, making it fully protective and convenient to wear.  The elastic insert system (EIS), cleverly incorporated into specific areas of the design provides for comfort and freedom of movement.  The suit does not compress or cause discomfort to the dog’s body or fur.  The main zipper on the back of the suit and zippers on each pant leg allow dog owners to easily place their dog into the suit. Priced at $99.99 but comes in a few colors and styles. 

dog jumpsuit


Zippy jumpsuit


From the makers of Thunder Shirt comes Thunder Leash, touted as the simplest “no pull” solution for dogs. I was definitely interested in this one, as I have been a fan of the Thunder Shirt. We attended the Thunder Leash press conference and were very impressed with this new product, which is one of several that is being released by the new “ThunderWorks” line. Info will be released. Stay tuned.

 Thunder Leash



Dogs gone retro: How cool are these magnets and pins? I had the opportunity to meet and speak to the artist, Krista Brooks, who introduced her new buttons and purses at Global Pet Expo.These retro graphic dogs will melt you. I wore my pins at the expo like the bling they are, and they make a great gift. Retro Pets has a variety of goodies. Prices vary.


dog magnets

dog pins



The Critter Zone air purifier has changed my life in one night, so I had to include it here.  We returned from Florida recently and I decided to plug it into the bedroom outlet. Well, this morning when I awoke I had no nasal congestion nor sinus headache. I generally wake up stuffy and with headaches, and this gave me tremendous relief. My dog sleeps in the bedroom with us and so having this air purifier has already made a huge difference. It is compact, filterless, affordable, powerful, and best of all: it works. Retails at 89.95 and also available for the car with an adapter. 

critter zone



While walking by this booth, I had the pleasure of meeting Pixie from Bison Designs. Detailed ribbon patterns sewn to sturdy nylon webbing providing both fashion and durability and contoured side squeeze buckle. Variety of prices but very stylish, functional, and sturdy.

dog leash



Finally, when your dog leads you to a treat, you know it’s worth looking into. From the folks at PetSafe comes a line of dental products for pets. Indigo Fresh dental treats offer pet parents an easy alternative to the stress and mess of brushing their dogs’ teeth. Dogs simply eat tasty treats that are formulated based on biometrics of how dogs chew to promote cleaner teeth and fresher breath. This complete oral care line includes indigo Fresh Gel, Biscuits, Sticks, and Floss Bones. Coming soon.

dog treats


fidose of realityStay tuned, as we have more experiences and products from Global to share. Are you interested in finding out more about any of the above?

* We were not compensated nor endorsed  for any of the above.


  1. Maggie says

    Great roundup! It looks like you guys discovered some really awesome products. I’m not dying to try the Thunder Leash. I’m going to keep an eye out for that one!!

  2. Jana Rade says

    I am a very conservative buyer. Even before all of our money went for vet bills, we didn’t really buy much fancy stuff. I am interested to see what the Thunder Leash is about and I think the Tracerz is a nice idea.

    The pet deck looks interesting.

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