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National Craft for your Local Shelters Day

Two areas in which I was not blessed: cooking and sewing. Crafting, however, if someone shows me how, can be done. Enter Erika Lindquist and her pawsome pooch, Sebastian. 

Erika is the founder and mastermind behind, a website of handmade fashions and DIY crafts for pets. A recent entry shows how to make to make sparkly dog wrist cuffs. Fidose of Reality PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter, is attending a posh doggie wedding in New York City next week, and this is one project I plan to tackle.

Well, dog lovers unite because SewDoggyStyle is launching National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day, designated for July 21, 2012, as Dexter so fondly displays here.

Cocker Spaniel Dexter

It is a day set aside to recognize that we can give back to our local animal shelters in a crafty way.  This includes making toys, beds, vests and bandanas that say “adopt me,” leashes, and sew much more.  What better way to give back to a shelter than the best way you know how – and for us, it’s crafting. So since it takes place on July 21, you have some time to think about it and have fun doing so!

How can you join the force? SewDoggyStyle has come up with a list of things to think about to help everyone interested. Check out the entire list, how to get involved, and how to help shelter pets through crafting by visiting SewDoggyStyle’s Special Post about the event.
Hop on over to Erika’s site and get crafty for animals in need! Thanks!!


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