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Mystery of Bad Cook-Good Dog Solved: #WellyTails

 Disclosure: This post is sponsored by WellyTails and the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about WellyTails but Fidose of Reality only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. WellyTails is not responsible for the content of this article.


How scared do you get as a pet parent who wants to feed a healthy meal to your dog but with all the recalls, scares, and big, long, difficult-to-pronounce words in dog food, it becomes a bit of a mystery!? The mystery of a bad cook with a good dog has been solved. Read on.

You aren’t alone if you want to feed a healthy meal to your dog.

With approximately 80 million dogs calling U.S. households home, guess what one of the most commonly asked questions is by dedicated pet parents?

“Is this food safe/good for my dog?”

Quick Quiz

How many of these statements apply to you:

  • I want my dog to eat a healthy meal

  • I want my dog to eat food that tastes good to him/her

  • I wish I could feed my dog a homemade meal but I have no clue where to start

  • I want my dog to eat a good meal but I don’t have a fortune to spend on it

  • I want to feed my dog homemade food but I fear it would take too long to make

  • I want my dog to have Omega-3 oils but where do I even start

cocker spaniels

I feel the same way you do with all of the above: And so in recent months we’ve decided to rotate our dog’s diet. Rotating a dog’s diet is good for many folks because it prevents your dog from being too accustomed to one protein source, and hence developing an allergy, and it also is good to feed a variety to your dog. Old school thinking is that dogs will eat what’s given to them. New school thinking and for progressive pet parents we realize that as we would not want the same meal every day, neither do our canine family members.

The Mystery of the Dog Mom Who Couldn’t Cook

Give a peek to this one-minute movie and then follow me after the video.

Fish Oil

Since my previous Cocker Spaniel suffered and passed with complications of Irritable Bowel Disease, I am very cautious about what I allow my dog to eat and any supplements he receives. Knowing the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids in a dog’s diet, we’re now fans of WellyTails Wild Ocean Fish Oil Omega 3 blend oil, which is blended into Dexter’s daily meal.

omega 3 oils


Fish oils can turn rancid but this is not the case with the WellyTails brand. Thankfully, the bottle that contains the liquid is air tight, easy to pump and the same type of container used in human medicine for treating burn victims. Depending on your dog’s weight, you simply pump a squirt onto the food.

I was giving my dog a capsule that I had to pierce daily and then squirt the liquid all over his food. Ask me how many times I got shot in the eye with fish oil: Ack, more than a dozen.

dog eating food

The Scoop on WellyChef

The WellyChef food itself is now part of Dexter’s diet since we are rotating his food. He will eat this brand and formula a few days a week. It is:

  • Healthy

  • Tasty and protein sources will vary

  • Homemade and even this bad cook dog mom can do it

  • Cost effective and I make it every 3 days, refrigerating it

  • Takes minutes to prepare

  • Topped with WellyTails fish oil

  • Grain free

  • Made in the U.S.A.

We are feeding the Veggie, Fruit, and Chia Canine Blend as the base.  So all you have to do is add warm water to this food, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and then mix in sunflower or vegetable oil, a meat of your choice, fish oil, fresh ground meat, and if you like, pieces of a cooked, chopped egg.  How tasty does that sound? And that is what I love about this system: I can actually make it, it is good for dogs, and it tastes good .Plus because I am rotating protein sources, my dog is less likely to:

  1. Get bored of his food;
  2. Develop an allergy;

For vacationing, road trips, travel, and ease of preparation, the WellyTails line simply stated, rocks, and has made transitioning to a rotation diet a really wonderful process.

Get the scoop on all the dog products available in the WellyTails line by clicking here.  They have digestive and joint products and much more.

welly tails

We will be offering one prize pack of Welly Tails goodies in conjunction with our big Christmas/Holiday photo contest launching in mid November, so stay tuned.

QUESTION: What are you feeding and does homemade sound like a good option for you?



  1. Christine Aiello says

    This sounds terrific! I am going to check out their website to see if Coco can eat this. I’ll definitely check out the fish oil too. I give her vitamins too but squirting it on the food from a pump instead of a pill sounds so much better! I think I might try the rotating diet too! Sounds like a good idea.

  2. Devri King says

    I feed my dogs Wellness Core as a base. But, they get cooked organic broccoli and organic spinach on a daily basis. They also get organic non-fat yogurt mixed in with their kibble. They are pretty spoiled!

  3. Christine Barron says

    Great article! We cook for Malu.
    Omega is very good for dogs diet. I am very careful with what I give to Malu and as well to Demi, when he was alive. We tried to change Malu and Demi to Salmon food for the Omega 3.It made their coat beautiful , but they both had stomach reaction.

  4. Shelly PoochParkWear says

    I put meat, kale, apples, pumpkin and carrots in a slow cooker and cook it up for Layla once a week , I ten chop up the beef, put the veggies/fruit into a blender so it becomes a puree and mix with the meat juice turing it into a gravy, I then freeziein portions,. I mix it in with her Taste of the Wild kibble so I think she is getting a balanced diet, I also put a drop of olive oil in her food. Have given up trying fish oil in her food as she will not eat it and I land up throwing it out BUT she loves salmon and tuna BOL, explain that one to me.

    Sorry but I am a Jewish Mom and always open to new ideas BOL.

    Mom the Slave to Layla

  5. Caryn says

    I recently switched to Stella and Chewys, which my two love. But I’ve been wondering if there is a better way to give them fish oil – the pin in the capsule technique gets messy fast. Squirting from the pump sounds much easier! Glad to find out about this option!

  6. Heidi says

    i had heard of changing up their protein source often. So do you make the food and then add the omegas? Would love to know recipes for the meals.

  7. Terry says

    Wow I had never heard of that. I will def be sharing this with many friends who have been searching for a healthy, fresh alternative to the dog foods available. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Nancy Height says

    I feed my guys 5 nuggets each if Primal Raw food in the morning and a 1/3 of a banana. In the evening I feed them Honest Kitchen with 3 nuggets of Primal raw food plus whatever left over veggies I have on hand. I switch the Primal every couple between lamb, beef and turkey. For omega 3 I have been giving my guys a couple of sardines in the evening. For snacks during the day they get a variety of fruits and veggies whatever I have in the house. I am going to check out the website and may give this food a try. But I am going to order the omega 3 oil.

  9. Ann Staub says

    I haven’t yet tried the food, but I’m thinking of adding it in for a rotation like you mention. Loved your video!

  10. NBG says

    Wow! This was a great article with TONES of useful information. Thanks to F.O.R. I just learned why my dog develops food allergies! This article also confirmed what I’ve have always thought my dog gets bored with the same diet. I will take a look at their website for sure and try this product. What a fantastic idea! Thank you!

  11. HaveDogWillBlog says

    Thank you, Dexter’s mommy! – Carol Bryant – for posting this info. about WellyTails! As many times as the reps have tried to explain how easy it is for me to prepare for my furkids, I’ve been hesitant that I would ‘get it wrong’. Your cute video was actually so helpful for me to see how easy it’s going to be to prepare WellyTails meals for my pups! I’m anxious to try the fish oil, too. I know how beneficial it is to good pup health but finding one you can trust is difficult. Feeding good, nutritious food to my babies has been such a challenge all these years, but I think you’ve taken the p-a-i-n out of trying something new! Welcome WellyTails to our home!

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