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My Dog Will Soon Be a PupScout

My dog's next big thing is to become a PupScout! Dexter added a new item to his doggie bucket list: Becoming a full-fledged, badge-wearing member of Pupscouts Troop 4. Besides the fun and camaraderie, I'll be keeping him active, learning new skills, engaging with pet parents who have similar interests, and seeing if I can finally get my “loves mud and puddles” to jump in and take the plunge. And that's my dog mom word of honor.

Over his 4-1/2 years, Dexter and I have visited some really cool places and accomplished some mighty paw-some things like:

Traveling through Maine and reaching the summit at Acadia National Park.
wigglebutt wedding
Getting hitched in the name of fundraising
Carol Bryant Dexter
Appearing on television several times
Meeting Gayle King and appearing on Oprah Radio
Attending five BlogPaws Conferences together
fidose of reality
Achieving Canine Good Citizen title.
Traveling cross country by car twice
pet friendly travel
Finding and reviewing pet-welcoming places together
In September of 2014, the Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof in the name of fundraising!

And the journey has just begun….we are so excited to become PupScouts, so stay tuned for our adventures and wish us luck with badge earning!

Here are a few more fur-ends that I bet do a lot of paw-tastic things with their pets:



  1. Flea says

    Woohoo! I know my boy has traveled and done great things with Boy Scouts. Sounds like you and Dexter and having the best adventures EVER!

  2. Cuba Americas-Topdog says

    I am one of the founders of pupscouts and I have so many badges, I can fill two uniforms. In the past week, we had pupscouts earn their swimming badge and fire house visit badge. We have pupscouts from all over the country and if you wish to learn more go to my other web site- and click on pupscouts.

  3. emma says

    That sounds like fun, never heard of it before. I am hoping to expand my traveling in the next year, so far I have 5 countries and 9 states. I hope to add a few more states at the very latest on the way to BlogPaws 🙂

  4. Jackie Bouchard says

    Very cool! Maybe someday Rita will be brave, like Dexter. We have traveled a bit with her, and she does okay, but a lot of the things you’ve done, she would probably not ever be able to do. She’s got a lot of fears from her time “on the mean streets.” Hopefully she’ll totally overcome them some day!

    • Carol Bryant says

      With a great dog mom like you, I am sure she will overcome with time. Of course, it helps that I’ve had Dex since a puppy…. 😉