My Dog Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds by Gaining 25

I lost 40 pounds by gaining 25.  I got a dog  (all 25 pounds of her) and started walking and exercising with her. Within a few months, the weight came off and I felt a lot better. So my dog helped me lose 40 by gaining 25.

It was the early 90s and working full time while going to college at night became my excuse/reason for gaining weight. The late night runs for fast food and eating before bed helped the numbers on the scale rise along with my waist line. I did not even realize this happened until I stepped on the scale for a yearly physical.

The same holds true for dogs.

 “Your dog should lose some weight.” Dreaded words, dastardly in fact, that dog owners dread being dictated at the doctor’s (aka vet). Though humans can make healthy food choices and monitor their indulgences, dogs depend on what their guardians allow them to have. Indeed, with any medical condition ruled out, the number of overweight dogs in this country is astounding.

dog waistlineObese Puppy Nation

According to a recent study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, over half of all U.S. dogs and cats are obese. It’s an epidemic. So when my darling devouring Dexter dined a little too heavily, the vet issued me a stern reprimand. Gulp, thud, knock me over with a pin: I love dogs, I write about dogs, and my dog is a portly pooch? Well, not so much portly but he had gained two pounds over the SUMMER months, though he did frolic and play, and extra outdoor exercise and much walking. Ruling out any thyroid condition, I assessed: table scraps, type of dry food I was feeding (mixed with some homemade) and not paying attention to the amount of dispensed treats.

Fast forward 2 months: My boy is leaner and I am a lot happier, especially after he stepped off that scale and lost the 2 pounds plus a teensy bit more.

How can you tell if a dog is overweight? Feel around his ribs and spine; you should be able to locate both, with only a thin layer f fat separating skin from bones. If you are unable to find the ribcage, you have an overweight dog.  Viewing the dog from above, you should be able to see a moderate narrowing at the waist just past the ribcage. A large and drooping abdomen is another sign that your pet is overweight.  A bulging line from the ribcage to the hips indicates an overweight dog. Ask your veterinarian to evaluate your dog’s size at every check-up.   Once your canine has reached maturity, ask for his optimal weight.  As a rule, 15% of that weight is obese; zero-15% is overweight. Source: Animal Behavior Specialist, Diane Pomerance PhD.

What I did about it (and you can, too):

  • Talk to your vet about why the dog is overweight. It could be an underlying medical condition.
  • Move. A good starting point is a regular walk around the park or neighborhood, with gradual increases. Rainy days, cold days and/or snowy days do not make for good excuses. We wrote about indoor fun for dogs in Dogster magazine.
  • Portion control. Keep the treats you plan to give Fido in a handy snack bag. Allocate that day’s treats. When the bag is empty, treats are done. Make it rewarding for the dog. Try stuffing a Kong toy with green bean pieces, low-fat snacks and other items like Zuke’s salmon bits. Only 3 calories a piece and a natural healthy alternative. Watch for sugars added as filler to many store-bought treats. Always check with your vet for the amount to feed as well as guidelines in feeding.
  • Switch foods gradually. Me, who thought she knew all about dog food learned of dehydrated food. I cannot begin to express how thrilled I am with The Honest Kitchen. My dog licks the bowl clean. Bonus points for flavor options, ease of storage and preparation (add water, wait, mix, feed), and the firmness of stools. Double bonus cocker points because my finicky friend loves the stuff. Oh and you can add veggies, supplements, and more if you so choose.

funny dog

Human foods high in fat, sugar or sodium are to be avoided. The last thing on anyone’s “to do” list is an emergency visit to the vet due to pancreatitis. Pomerance reported that foods that are fried, oily or greasy such as chicken, turkey, ham or beef bones, gravy, stuffing, pastries, rolls, cheese, and other starchy or rich foods and desserts are all culprits and should be avoided. Never allow Fido to have grapes, raisins, chocolate, caffeine or alcoholic beverages.

To keep dogs lean, it is important the entire family and those visiting know the rules. “Each family member must realize and agree that Fido’s health depends upon them not to give him treats that could not only result not only in weight gain which is unhealthy but could actually make him sick and cause vomiting and diarrhea.  Make a pact.  If necessary, feed Fido separately in his own room away from the kitchen or dining table.  Let him out after your family has finished dining,” Pomerance related.

How to Get Inspired

My dog blogging buddy, Jana Rade, of  Dawg Business, is hosting a year-long “Show Us Your Dog’s Waistline” campaign so we can encourage and educate folks to keep dogs fit and healthy.

You can see how others are helping their dogs become fit and healthy, as well as getting some awesome tips to help your pups lose weight by visiting the links below.

dog waistline


fidose of realityFidose asks: What are your favorite tips for keeping your dog’s weight down? Have you had success with canine weight loss? Bark at us below in the comments.

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  1. Great article! The pet obesity problem is HUGE (no pun intended) and it’s what inspired us to invent SlimDoggy. SlimDoggy is a simple an iPhone APP that lets you track not only how much you exercise your pet, but how much you feed him. It compares the calories expended in exercise and the calories your pet takes in and easily lets you see if you need to add more exercise or reduce the food intake – the key to weight loss. We’ve had some great success stories from folks who have used it. And, one of the best parts – we donate $.50 from each sale to our enrolled rescue organizations, so you’re helping not only your own pet, but another less fortunate one stuck in a shelter.

  2. I am really strict about treats…Gizmo might get 3 or 4 a day, but they’re small…I measure every meal for him and have adjusted the amount till I have it right…and exercise…we’ve joined challenges liek the 30/30 to motivate us to walk every day for 30 minutes and Giz is registered for this year’s Idita-Walk to keep us going…Jana’s challenge is great and I hope the message gets out there

    1. Wow that is excellent, Gizmo. Cockers are insatiable little food hounds, so I have to be cognizant not to overfeed.

  3. I love that Sydney lost most of her 2012 winter weight. What I’ve learned about what the extra weight does to our dogs was shocking. When she dropped the weight, she was playful, happy, and energized – I felt awful for allowing her to gain weight and now we make sure she gets the exercise she needs and we’re don’t slack on her brothers. They’re energetic, but they can gain too so we offer healthier options for treats to keep them slim, trim and healthy.

    Thanks for this great information!!!

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