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My Dog Deserves Better Than This #InspiredByCrafted

chef dog

disclaimerI cannot cook to save myself. I want my family, dog included, to dine on a meal that looks palatable, tastes great, and inspires them to ask for more—you know, flipping the bowl upside down and silently demanding seconds.

I am not that girl. I won’t be preparing a finely orchestrated meal, complete with all the trimmings. I am not an artisanal style cook, as is very hip and trendy at present time.

Artisan style cooking means food is cooked slowly and naturally so that flavors burst. Instead of mass producing food, artisanal foods are all about taste, process, and being more handcrafted.

Gosh how I want to be an artisanal style chef. A girl can dream.

dog cooks
Dexter cooks better than I do.

High-End Taste for Dogs Who Deserve The Best

Although my spouse knows better than to ask for a home-cooked meal, there are some things on which we agree: Ensuring the dog is well fed is high atop that list. It’s amazing how we will do without or sacrifice but we both worry about the dog and want him to be happy. I suppose that makes us a true modern family.

To that end, dogs these days deserve novel proteins in their food like tuna, roasted beef, salmon, and chicken cooked slowly. If you ate the same meal day in and day out and it was plop from a can or cardboard-style nuggets from a bag, how happy would you be?

The folks at Hill’s have developed a line of Crafted dog food products that is not factory, mechanically produced as typically most kibble is. Instead, oven roasting takes place so that flavor is locked in and the shape and texture are aromatically pleasing to dogs.

Dexter digs it, see?

We recently shared some fun indoor games that you can do with your dog, and that includes using the Crafted line of dog food as a reward. I have a bit of a finicky dog, so imagine my glee when he actually considered this food a high-value reward during game time.

Me and my modern family.

Be Honest

How many of these qualities are important to you in selecting and feeding a dog food?

  • Made in the United States
  • No corn
  • No wheat
  • No soy
  • Is nutritionally balanced
  • Tastes good to the dog
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Available in grain-free varieties

If you answered yes some or all of the above, the Hill’s Crafted line is worth looking into.

Hill's crafted dog food

Sit Back and Smile

Now, if you want to know why I do not cook for my dog or any family member for that matter, here’s a video that speaks volumes.

I love hip and trendy but I also know my limits. If I want my dog to have a quality meal and high-value rewards for indoor game time, I won’t be the one doing the cooking.

Instead, I’ll stick to what I know and leave the good stuff in dog food up to the folks at Hill’s, who employ Veterinary Nutritionists in order to deliver the ultimate in Nutrition for pets in a way that I would do it if I had the skill set.

Do you ever go without or sacrifice but never sacrifice for the family pet(s)? Does the Hill’s Crafted line sound like something your pet might like to try?


  1. Bri says

    Yes, I sacrifice for my cats. I really wanted to buy this beautiful dress, but I had set aside my wants because my cats needed more treats. I love that the Hill’s Crafted Line also caters to cats.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Our dog is a rescue, so he came to us eating Purina. That is what we still feed him to this day.

  3. Felissa (Two Little Cavaliers) says

    Oh my goodness! I am crying from laughing so hard. I think Darleen is right. You should not be allowed near the kitchen. Like ever! The best was you murdering that piece of meat or maybe it was using the mallet to break up the ice “because it would make it juicier.”

    Good thing there are Foods like the New CRAFTED line from Hill’s to ensure that there is something good and nutritious is Dexter’s bowl.

  4. Ellen says

    This video is hilarious!!!! I love how you showed us why you don’t or shouldn’t cook, but how the dog comes first in your household. You really make your blog stand out from the rest because you really put your heart and soul into helping the consumers. I love reading what you write.

  5. Darlene says

    I can truly attest to this blogpost that Carol cannot cook! You should have seen the complete video, that is just a preview!!!! I can, also, corroborate Carol’s post that we really do want Dexter to be a happy, healthy “fur kid”. That means the food he consumes has all of the above qualities mentioned.

    Dexter is fortunate to have Carol as his dog mom. It is because of Carol and her careful selections of foods and treats that have kept Dexter healthy and happy.

    As a final thought: STAY AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN, CAROL BRYANT!!!!!

  6. AJ @ Roaming Family says

    This does sounds like something my dog would like to try. We actually eat very good around here, pets included 🙂

  7. M. K. Clinton says

    I am just assuming that you aren’t bringing any homemade treats to BlogPaws. BOL! That is too funny. I love to cook for my husband, but most of my cooking these days is for Bentley and Pierre!

  8. Tamara says

    I’m pretty much the worst cook in the world but my dog gets some delicious food – better than my kids! We have a local PetSmart – so I’ll check this out!

  9. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    We all want the best for our dogs and cats. I love the idea of a nutritionally sound dog food for my dog.

  10. Steph says

    We don’t have any pets but I, like you, am not a great cook! We focus on feeding our families better so why not our pets too! I’ll have to share this with my dog friends!

  11. Tonya C says

    Your photos of the dogs are hilarious! We just got a puppy a year ago and nutrition was top on that list for food choice.

  12. Arlene R. O'Neil says

    Oh how I needed that laugh today! That video needs to be seen by all who need a laugh, not just those who can’t cook! Thank you my dear friend, for making my day brighter!!

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