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Muddy Wet Dog Paws Solution Time

paw sponge

It’s Fidose Friday Find time! Spring is here and summer is around the corner, and that means dirty, muddy paw season is here, too! I allow my dog on the furniture and throughout the house, so we generally have standard towels or rags waiting at the door for our return. The towels and rags don’t always work and I am not interested in paw cleaner products (involved and cumbersome).

The folks at Paw Sponge approached me to ask if I wanted to try a sample on my dog and let Fidose of Reality readers know the results. I warned them that we are a reality-based blog and will share the good, bad, and indifferent about using the product with our followers.

Here’s what happened when our dog had dirty paws, got a bath, and we tried the Paw Sponge:

The Paw Sponge is not intended for bathing the dog’s paws; it is designed as an effective way to easily and quickly wipe paws clean before entering a car, house, jumping on furniture, etc.

For those unaware, Cocker Spaniels have bulky paws and a thick coat. In his fuller coat, our dog’s hair is quite heavy and takes some time to blow dry. After using the Paw Sponge on our dog’s paws after a bath, the water was 90 percent absorbed and it saved me time from blow drying.

Here are a few key points if you are considering the Paw Sponge for your dog(s):

  • The sponge comes in TWO convenient sizes: REGULAR and LARGE. The regular size works for most small and smaller medium size dogs. The large size works for bigger medium and most larger dogs.
    The sponge can be easily cleaned just like any other sponge. Just soak it in clean soapy water and squeeze the dirt out until thoroughly cleaned.
  • The sponge is made of a tough, soft and durable urethane foam. With normal use, the sponge will last for well over a hundred uses or more. If your dog has longer nails it will likely shorten the lifetime of the sponge.

This is the type of product I’d keep in my car glove box and at the entrance/exit of my home. It pays for itself the first time muddy or wet paws are averted.

Click here to order a Paw Sponge for your pooch.

When your dog has muddy or wet feet, what is your solution?

Note: I was not compensated for this review but we were given the Paw Sponges at no cost to try for our dog.

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  1. My dog wears rain boots when he goes out in the rain, so no mud in our house 🙂

  2. These look great – we have white furniture which Kilo trashes daily. The only problem for me might be that he really hates things touching his paws. A friend distributes the SpawDry gloves and towels that I have on our site. Kilo tries to eat them after a few seconds but will wipe his own paws quickly and they are pretty absorbent. Have a wonderful dry weekend! It’s sunny here finally.
    X Susie and Kilo the Pug

  3. We need to get these for our border collie/german shepherd mix. She always finds some mud to play in, no matter when the last time it rained was!

  4. I could sure use this product! We are constantly wiping Duncan’s paws after a walk, especially this time of year.

  5. About a month ago, I woke up to Khloee pawing at me from the bedside. I was half asleep, but I noticed mud on my sheets. I sprung out of bed and looked down at Khloee’s bright white fluff…and muddy paws. Oh dear God. I followed a muddy paw print trail all the way down the hallway, down the stairs, through the family room, into the kitchen and out the back door. And most of it was on the carpet.
    Anyways, there’s my fun mud story. I like these sponges because when we go to agility, the entrance is dirt so Wynston and Khloee end up with dusty paws and it goes onto the car seats. #dogmomproblems

  6. I need these! I always call Quincy a walking sponge. If it’s even just damp outside, he’ll come back soaking wet!

  7. That is a great idea for a product! Back when I had dogs, I remember that towels did very little to really get those feet dry – especially if the dog wasn’t being patient that day. These sponges are a very simple and thoughtful way to do the job.

  8. How cool! Shiner isn’t too fluffy like Dex, but when she has wet/dirty paws she always insists on jumping on furniture or something. I bet those would dry her paws right up.

  9. Rolo needs one of these suckers! We have white carpets and when he doesnt wear his boots my carpets turn brown. than i have to steam clean them!

  10. This seems like a great Product. It seems to get the job done. No more muddy Paws .. I’m wondering if it will work for a Pitbull or Rotweiler

  11. Aw, I love that you blowdry his coat. 🙂 He’s pretty (or handsome, I should say?). I remember paw prints getting on things when I was a kid with our dogs. This would have been great to have back then for us too.

  12. What a smart idea ! Mum is always running after us with a towel to clean our paws when it’s wet outdoor (or yelling if she arrives after the disaster…) ! Purrs

  13. We have wooden floors so it’s pretty easy clean up when it comes to our puppies getting muddy. We’re about to move though, so this is still something that I may need in the future! Thanks!

  14. oooo! This would be a big hit with the schnauzers of the house! They have the same problem as Dexter. My girls don’t usually have a problem with mud. A mat at the door is enough to get the bulk of it.

  15. I love this idea. We don’t get a lot of rain where I live but when it does, it’s pretty messy. Great concert!

  16. This is a a very interesting product! A paw cleaner could really come in handy when Brick travels out to the part of our backyard that’s constantly muddy. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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