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Modern Fido Family Photo Contest

dog photo contest

We’ve gone to the dogs as a nation, and Fidose of Reality is here to celebrate today’s Modern Fido with our first ever Modern Fido Family Photo Contest. Sixty-five percent of U.S. households, or about 79.7 million families, own a pet, according to the 2015-2016 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA). This is up from 56 percent of U.S. households in 1988, the first year the survey was conducted. Of those nearly 80 million pet-owning families, 54.4 million of them are dog households!

My modern family

The grand prize in this photo contest is a custom pair of PoochieBoots™ for dogs! We fell in love with these very unique protective dog boots when looking for something to protect our dog’s precious paws all winter long. Little did we know that the founder of PoochieBoots, Karyn Pek, is developing a breathable mesh for a summer option, too! Pavements and sand can get burning hot and it it’s too hot for us to walk on barefoot, then it’s too hot for the dogs too!

Dog photo contest

Everyone from tiny dogs to big dogs like a Leonberger can wear Poochieboots because they have “detachable, interchangeable, decorative” straps.  In fact, PoochieBoots are patent pending.

photo contest prize

It took about 5 minutes for my dog to get used to wearing them. My dog is used to apparel and clothing. If your dog is not, you will want to start out slow. Maybe try putting one PoochieBoot on and letting the dog walk around for 2 minutes with one on. They will act like they are walking on broken glass. Praise, clap, and reward with treats. I had my dog run in his one Poochieboot and I threw the ball, his favorite toy. He forgot about it in seconds. Here’s Dexter getting used to one of the PoochieBoots on his paw. He is a size 4, by the way, and has a tried and true girthy American Cocker Spaniel paw.


PoochieBoots are “patent pending”, says founder Karyn Pek.  All dogs are different on wear, but with proper care Poochieboots will last a number of seasons.  You can even put them in the washing machine. Remove the straps and place protective velcro (found in pouch pocket) over boot velcro to prevent cuffs from getting snagged

Even cooler, the straps are interchangeable. Look at some of the straps Dexter has:

Poochie Boots for dogs

Emojis! Superman! Patterns! Boy dog moms and dads, rejoice: There are lots of options for us! And girl dogs, tell your dog moms and dads that there are a ton of strap selections for you, too!

So now that you know all about PoochieBoots, hop on over for a pair and enter to win a pack of four, one for each paw, below. That is the grand prize!

Dog photo contest prize

Of course, since this is a Modern Fido Family Photo Contest, we have more than one prize to give away.

Second prize will win a Summer travel pack consisting of these items: Pet Guide coin purse, Smooches from The Honest Kitchen, stuffed dog from 4KNines, Mutt Mitt samples, Groom Genie, portable water bowl from My Pet Harmony! This prize pack is valued at over $50!

photo contest prize

Third prize will win a My Heart Beats Dog ornament to prepare for Christmas in July

My heart beats dog ornament for dog lovers

Fourth prize will win a My Heart Beats Dog pin and magnet set.

Dog magnet and pin

Dog photo contest prize




dog family




Dog with  his family



dog and baby



dog on back





How to Enter

We want to see what your Modern Fido Family looks like. Families today come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and include dogs! Show us a photo of your family that includes the humans and your dog(s). That’s it! Two photos per person allowed. USA only on this one.

Contest starts NOW! Deadline to submit entries is 06/30/16 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Email your photos to: contests@fidoseofreality.com with the subject line Modern Fidose Family.

Please provide your name, city and state and the names of the dog(s) featured. Without this information, photos will be disqualified. Must include a dog and you agree to ownership of the photo. All photos will appear on the blog (and other social media) and by entering, you give Fidose of Reality permission to use the photo on the blog and for other purposes now and in the future. All entrants are added to our private mailing list and emails are never shared. We will respond in 48 hours that the photo was received.

When does it start and end? The contest starts now. The contest ends on 06/30/16 at 11:59 p.m. Fidose of Reality staff and their families are not eligible to win in the Fidose of Reality Modern Fidose Family photo contest.

What are we judged on? You will be judged on: 50% adherence to contest rules and photo contest theme and 50% overall photo appeal/clarity and originality to the theme of you and your dog(s) in love. The founder of Fidose of Reality is not a judge.

Can my friends and family play? Sure! The more the merrier. We love to see tails wagging here at Fidose of Reality, so spread the word and make your voice heard. Two photos per person, please.

What if I win? Winner will be notified and announced on the Fidose of Reality blog in this thread no later than July 4, 2016. Winner must provide name and mailing address so we can ship you the prizes. Winners have 48 hours to reply to notice they have won or another winner(s) will be selected.

Where Can I See My Photo? You will receive confirmation of photo received and all photos will appear on Fidose of Reality’s Facebook page in an album called “Modern Fido Family Photo Contest 2016.″

Official Rules Here

Note: We were not compensated for this contest. We did receive a complimentary pair of custom PoochieBoots to try.


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  1. You know, the one thing I wish we had of done when we had fur babies was take family pictures with them. You never think about that when they are around but you sure miss it when they are gone.

  2. Fun contest! These booties sound great, the pavement gets blistering Hot in Phoenix, it’s always a concern. When we travel to NY in Winter ice, ice melt & freezing cold sidewalks are an issue. All these prizes are fun!

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