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Missing Dog Miracle and Three Cockers Plead

lost dog found
What are all the smiles for: Keep reading to find out!

Imagine being away from home, on a family vacation with your pooch, and suddenly every pet parents’ worst nightmare happens: Your dog goes missing. What would you do? What would happen if you couldn’t find your dog despite all your best efforts? Do you return home? Do you stay? What would you do? Can a missing dog miracle possibly happen?

If you are someone whose pet has gone missing, keep the faith and read on.

Carrie Swan and Adam Chitwood visited Gulfport, Mississippi this summer to visit family. Only a few days into the vacation, their dog, Ginger, got loose and went missing. Despite staying in town for several days, hanging flyers, and searching for their dog, Ginger could not be found. The couple returned to the Gulf Coast several times, but their dog continued to elude capture and reunion.

Enter a Pawer Woman

Swan contacted Terry Casillas of Tired Dog Rescue. Casillas has operated TDR for seven years, and she knows a thing or two about reunions and helping the right people find the right dog in need. Casillas agreed to help arrange for folks to look for Ginger. Casillas, as longtime Fidose readers might recall, is a “Pawer Woman” and a dedicated pet rescuer of many years.

A private Facebook group was formed, specifically for folks on the trail of Ginger.

Operation Find Ginger

Volunteers from TDR walked the streets and looked for Ginger. Some folks drove around at night while others worked shifts of two hours at a time, walking the streets, driving through neighborhoods, all looking for Ginger.

After weeks of wandering the streets, Ginger was finally spotted on St. Charles Street in Gulfport. Casillas spoke to a girl who would feed the dog occasionally and said that she has seen her sleeping in her bushes.

Casillas worked with Animal Control Officers to put a trap near the bushes. Two days later, she was caught.

“She’s been gone for almost three months, two and a half months, so this was a pretty rare case. I think that she stayed alive for this long and we were able to find her,” President of Tired Dog Rescue Terry Casillas told WLOX.

Here are some images of the very happy and thankful reunion:

rescue dog
Terry Casillas with Ginger


Lost dog found
A happy reunion!


Thanks to Terry Casillas. Please visit Tired Dog Rescue!

If your dog goes missing, follow the lead of Cassie Swan and do not give up hope, talk to rescue groups in your area, and check out these tips to find a lost dog from pet lover and rescue pro, Samantha Ratcliffe of Vegas Rock Dog.

Three Dogs In Need

Speaking of dogs in need, this trio of Cocker Spaniels need a forever home, and at the very least, foster families.

The city of Enid, Oklahoma, recently passed a new ordinance and Oklahoma Cocker Rescue must dissolved. Founder, Robin Shepard, has three Cockers in her care at present that must be placed elsewhere with a rescue or foster care.

Here is the scoop on the three Cockers:

Sunshine (in red harness) her owner passed away. She is 12 yrs old but acts like she is 6. Spayed and current on all shots, housebroken.


cocker spaniel
Sunshine needs a home.

Ralphie is 11 yrs old, current on shots and housebroken, neutered.

cocker spaniel
Ralphie needs a home


Sophie is 3 years old, she is up to date on all her shots, spayed, housebroken. She has bladder issues at night but controlled with medication.


cocker spaniel
Sophie needs YOU

If anyone knows of someone that can help this rescue, please call Robin Shepard at 580-478-7512.

Perhaps some of the folks below know of someone to help or have a rescue miracle that has happened in their lives:


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