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Miracle Multi-Use Product for Dogs

dog pajama

Every now and then a pet product comes along that stops us in our tracks. When something is functional, affordable, adorable, and makes us say, “Why didn’t we think of that,” this is something we want to share with Fidose of Reality dog lovers of the highest order. We’ve discovered a miracle product for dogs.

Our Puppy Relations Manager, Dexter, has undergone two leg surgeries in the past year. Both times, on discharge, an E-collar aka “cone” was given to us with orders for Dexter to wear it in his postoperative period. The last thing you want is for a dog to lick, bother, scratch or bite at his or her postop wounds. I knew that the cone would cause more stress for our dog than the actual sedentary postop period. Through some searching online, imagine our glee in finding what is dubbed as “the alternative to the E-collar.”

pet industry ladies
Me on left, with Tulane’s Closet CEO, Stephanie Syberg

Indeed, some dogs will figure out how to get through garments and bandages, so I wanted something easy to use, safe for my dog, and that would not dampen his spirits. Here’s the Cover Me by Tui from Tulane’s Closet. I had the pleasure of meeting CEO and inventor of this product, Stephanie Syberg, recently. This product has changed our lives. I told Stephanie we use it for a variety of things now and how pet parents need to know about it. So here we go.

Rather than tell you how fantastic this item of clothing is for dogs (and cats!), check this video out and then follow me below:


* Available in seven sizes, short or long sleeves

* Available in pull over or step into

* Made of Peruvian cotton and is very breathable when worn

* Easy to launder

* Built-in “Potty Cover” for quick & convenient trips outside

* Adjustable fit design for extra comfort & fit

* Affordable

And if you have a German Shepherd Dog, there’s a size for you. Yorkie moms and dads: There’s a size for you.

pajamas dog

The founder is a former veterinary technician who has decided to turn the lights out on lampshade collars. Give a peek at Tulane’s Closet and let them know that Fidose of Reality sent you.

We’re giving a few away so you can see how fantastic they are for yourself. Check out the Tulane’s Closet Photo Contest here. Tulane’s Closet is also a proud sponsor of Wigglebutts Go Hollywoof and is helping dogs in need!

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this review and opinions expressed within are that of our own. We recommend products that we use and feel are of benefit to our readers.

Oh and here are a few dozen friends of ours in the pet blogging world. Bet they’d love to see their pooch in a Cover Me By Tui!


  1. Cathy Connolly says

    What a great new product for our pets. I really like the idea that there are 2 different kinds, especially for the large dogs, with the step in one. I think also that they pets would feel much better in these than those old cones~~

  2. Groovy Goldendoodles says

    What a doodle*tastic idea. It also looks extremely comfy. Harley’s furrend Piper just had a little repair work done and came home yesterday with the “collar of shame” she would so much prefer this. I must call her now and have her log on. Thanks Carol, the video was a nice touch, because I was wondering about the bathroom thing 🙂

  3. Jen Jelly says

    Those would be so much more comfortable than a cone. Like the old saying goes “It’s all fun and game ’til someone ends up in a cone.” Those are a great idea; it’s hard to imagine something more uncomfortable than a cone.

  4. Emma says

    Great idea. Mom has made her own creations with old t-shirts and some sewing and for me, I learned the no lick command and do really well with that too.

  5. Ellen Morrissey says

    I love this product. When my dog had surgery last year, I purchased this product after reading about it here. Now I use it when my dog’s allergies flare. It’s been a lifesaver. Fantastic product!

  6. Tiffany's Diamond Dogs says

    That is a fabulous product! The dogs just look so sad wearing the e-cone when it was necessary, because it inhibits their normal movement. Love that it also doesn’t just cater to the teeny tiny dogs. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Karen Goodman says

    I love this! I foster dogs so I’ve had a number of dogs in my home that get spayed or neutered and it’s always a struggle to decide if I can trust them to not lick without the e-collar on. And I worry about safety with the e-collar, I had one dog that managed to climb over a baby gated doorway with the e-collar on. Scary!

    While the size of my foster dogs vary from teeny to a bigger small, I also like the idea of having one that will fit my dog Milo, just in case I need it.

  8. Joan Christy says

    Hi Carol, Lately I’ve ordered a lot of doggie PJ’s looking for the ones that close so my fosters can’t get to incisions. I hadn’t found it until I saw this on your web site. I now have a little girl foster that has mammary chain tumors and needs to be fixed. I’m hoping this will cover the right areas and we won’t need the cone of shame. Can they ware them all the time? Is it easy to undo so they can go potty.
    Thanks for taking the time to read my email
    Joan Christy

    • Carol Bryant says

      yes, they can wear the Cover me all the time – I got two for Dexter. If you send me your mailing address, I can drop one in the mail to you that i have Joan. You can see how you like it. They have different styles now and the potty flap snaps up so the dog can wear it all day and not access the area yet potty breaks are easy. Let me know okay?

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