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Meet Fidose of Reality and Win Prizes

pet friendly tour

Fidose of Reality is going from sea to shining sea for a third dog-friendly trek across America. We’ve been traveling with a dog by our side for every single road trip, vacation, and mostly every conference destination for well over 20 years.  This year, we’re making pit stops, visiting a variety of hotels, embarking on a pet-friendly conference, and doing touristy things that allow dogs. We invite all Fidose of Reality readers to come out, meet us, and win prizes!

Indeed, that means we want to celebrate our part business/part vacation trek with you by giving away some travel goodies, so stay tuned for details and watch the blog in May for all the fun!

dog friendly

In the meantime, as of May 2nd, we’re heading from Pennsylvania to Nevada, onto California and then making our way back by vacationing at the Grand Canyon, in Albuquerque for the official pet-friendly Breaking Bad Trolley tour and so much more.

two cute dogs

We’d love to meet Fidose fans, and encourage you to bring your pets along and come out to meet us!  Where and when?


The BlogPaws 2014 conference takes place May 8th through 10th,  2014, in Henderson, Nevada, just 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Hundreds of pet parents on social media, bloggers, brands, journalists, writers and industry experts, many of them bringing their pets, will gather for the sixth annual conference.  Drop any preconceived notions of stuffy conferences at the door, as I have been to every BlogPaws Conference and they are all equally accepting of newcomers with open arms (and paws). BlogPaws is a pet-friendly conference. Sure, there is a pet daycare on site for the duration of the conference, but you can choose whether or not to use it.

Want to see what happens at BlogPaws from a person’s point of view?

Want to see what my dog sees at BlogPaws from his point of view?

I would never recommend something that didn’t absolutely work for me. I never even got to mention the fun you have and the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Social Media and Pet Blogging awards done red carpet style with you (and your pet) where you are welcome to dress to the nines, be photographed, and take part in these Oscar-like awards for the best of the best in the pet blogging and social media space.

Have I sparked any interest?  Here’s a 10% discount code if you decide to join us in Lake Las Vegas: BlogPaws2014-Carol-10.

Tillman the Skateboarding Dog will be there, too!

Hope to see you there and at the press conference on May 8th to kick things off! Here are a bunch of our pet blogging buddies, many of whom you can meet and engage with at the conference, too.  Better go get packing, we’ve got travels throughout May, with a dog by our side!


  1. Create With Joy says

    SO wish I could join you at the conference this year! Looks like you are going to have quite the adventure before you even arrive!

    Happy WW to you – please stop by and join our party as well! 🙂

  2. Jackie Bouchard says

    Wish Rita was okay with crowds and strangers. I’m afraid this is something we’ll probably never be able to do with her! Too bad we can’t meet up on your travels, but San Diego is not on the way anywhere! (Except Mexico…)

  3. Anna Coffin says

    On your way back you should stop in Guthrie, OK! If I have an opening I’ll put you up for the night in my Bed & Breakfast called Jaded Getaway. It’s pet friendly, in fact for those peeps that aren’t traveling with a furry friend I will loan them a “bed warmer”. Guthrie was the 1st capital of Oklahoma until our seal was stolen. It has one of the largest historically preserved downtown districts in the nation. Lots of history and lots of antique shopping.

  4. Playful Kitty says

    Sounds like a great trip! If you ever make it out to Detroit, I’d be glad to come visit 🙂 There is a small chance that I will be at the BlogPaws conference too! I just got some news that could provide me with just enough funding to go.

  5. Catherine Armato says

    I love the idea of your cross America tour! I look forward to meeting you at my first Blogpaws conference. My husband and I go absolutely everywhere with our dogs, some of our friends think we’re crazy but they’re our furkids, we hate leaving home without them!

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