creating dog photo memories
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Making Photographic Keepsake Memories with Dogs #InspiredbyCrafted

creating dog photo memories


For years, I’ve been telling myself I would print some photographs, get some really eclectic frames to put them in, and together, with my wife, we would update the office and add some new photos to our family tree of memories. We decided once and for all to make some photographic keepsake memories of our dog.

How to Get Started on Print Memories of Your Dog

If you are anything like me, finding the time to actually decide on printing photos of your dog, then doing it, going to pick them up, and finding frames seems laborious—and never seems to get done.

Dog food got me started: Sounds odd, but it’s true. A few months ago, I discovered the new line of dog food, Ideal Balance® Crafted, from the folks at Hill’s®. They make it the way you would, except I am a terrible cook, so Hill’s makes this food the way folks with amazing cooking skills with make it: artisan style.

hill's crafted food
Even the packaging reflects the goodness inside.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who whipped up a meal for their dog, made from scratch, and could ooh and ahh at the amazing result. Alas, this is not meant to be. There are, however, projects I can do from scratch, more or less, and so can you.

Creating Photographic Framed Memories

Remember the days of taking images on a 35 mm camera, dropping the film off at the store, then racing back a few days later to pick up the prints? My friends and I would spend time in the car, flipping through pictures that would later end up in touch me- feel me photo albums.

Those days seem to have gone by the way side.

Feeding my dog the Crafted dog food as treats during his nighttime play with games, I was inspired to create something that made me feel good but that included the dog.

Dexter says, “Let’s play the treat game, Mama!”

Here are some tips on creating photo memories and keeping the images of your dog safe:

Organize Digital Prints Into Folders

I am a pet blogger, so I need easy reference to the thousands and thousands of dog-themed photos I take on a regular basis. If you are a pet parent, consider organizing your photos into themes. For example: Summer, play time, holiday, bath time, etc. Got the idea? Label the e-folders and store them on a backup drive and/or in the Cloud or some other backup service.

File under CC for Cocker Cuteness.

Take Time and Plan Projects

Your favorite canine images are celebrations of life, so why hide them on your phone or hard drive? Since the folks at Hill’s are inspired to create Crafted with detail and in small batches, I applied that same principle to some dog-inspired images and prints.

The part that took me the longest was that of selecting frames. I scoured frame websites, craft supply stores, and end-of-season sales as we ebb from summer into fall. My wife got involved and ordered a gorgeous heart-shaped framed print of many of the best photos of me with our dog. I cannot begin to express how much I cherish this piece:

dog crafted project with photos


Themed Rooms

Perhaps you have a room, a wall, or a space in your abode that is the perfect spot for showcasing your love affair with dogs. For me, that room is my home office. Dogs live such short lives compared to us, so I have a love wall (or two).

Here are some of the inspired prints in my office: Feel free to borrow these ideas for your own pooch prints:

Framed prints with a dog theme


cute dog frame project
Dexter nestled into a smaller frame with bling!
crafted project for dogs
Dex loves his cows, and here’s a cute end of season sale frame we found at a huge discount.

Pooch Pawprint

My friend, Colleen O’Fallon of Sweet Paws Bakery in Florida, includes doggie art projects into her daycare services for pooches. She is incredibly clever in the different “take home” gifts the dogs give to their moms and dads when it’s time to go home.

Depending on the season, all this takes is some craft paper, markers, stickers if desired, and a non-toxic paint to dip your dog’s paw into for printing. Imagine giving a cherished keepsake like this to a friend, family member, or co-worker of their dog’s pawprint. Colleen does them for so many occasions with her daycare guests. You can even self-laminate the finished paw-roject and frame it as a fun and cherished gift.

Dogs can be a budding Paw-casso with this homemade print fun gift: for yourself or a friend.

dog paw craft

dog art craft
Adorable for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day or just because from the dog.

Getting Started and Inspired

If you would like to try the line of Crafted products for dogs, here’s a $7 off coupon to help get you started:

hill's crafted

More Dog-Related Crafts

If you want to make a special miniature project featuring your dog, here’s a fun craft from Toni Ellison:

How does your dog inspire you? Do you keep any print photos in frames?

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  1. The paw print flowers is too cute. I do not have pictures of my pets in frames, but they are all over my computer and phone.

  2. I think if you are willing to put the time in to any project, it will definitley turn it out better with some planning.

  3. I do remember getting photos developed… I kind of miss that 🙂 But, it does seem like such a pain to do now. Last time I had to create a photo posterboard, it took over an hour just printing the photos out at Walgreens… I think I like dropping film off better LOL. I like your organizational tips and may have to try and utilize some of them. I organize mine a little differently.

  4. My dog inspires me with happiness and calmness. And since I’m a pro photographer, I’m all about photo keepsakes. We do some frames and some canvases of her.

  5. Fantastic post, Carol! As a photographer, my digital files are massive! Organizing them into folders, years, events, etc. is so important. Let it slide, and it doesn’t take much to have an overload! Love the prints you formed into a heart idea! I do have framed prints of my FiveSibes as they inspire me with their zest for life and their silliness and beauty. One 20×30 of each that hung in “their” room over their crates for quite awhile when younger. I have a large 20×30 favorite shot of them matted and framed in my living room. My office is just about wallpapered with their photos…And there are prints of my pets and daughter and family decorating walls and shelves throughout my house. I love using photography as a design! I also do landscapes, and have a particular favorite of my one Sibe running in the Autumn leaves with his reflection in water that is in my “To Print” folder! I love Dex and his cows pic! That photo just brings a smile every time I scroll up and look at it!

    1. I love that with the wallpaper LOL – someone needs to invent dog themed wall paper and sign me up, FiveSibes!

  6. I particularly love the Heart collage of beautiful photos of you and Dex. What a great gift. We have so many photos of Kilo but I tend to look at them on my phone or online. When we downsized and sold our old house last year, we put away a lot of personal family photos in frames – I need to get them out again. X Susie and Kilo the Pug

  7. I have thousands of albums on shutterfly that I keep organized by year but I like this idea of organizing by themes too because sometimes contests have themes and I go crazy trying to find my picture of Coco that goes with that theme! I have some photos framed around the house but I like the idea of making a wall of it. I also want that cocker drawing you have with the wine…who makes that again? Dex’s up close photo with the football is one of my faves! I need to get more organized with my photos too! I have printed this article out to inspire me to do something too! I love how the doggie food inspired you to become more crafty with photos! Hey whatever works right? 🙂

  8. How adorable. I would love to do something like this with any of my three dogs. We don’t really make any prints or frame anything to do with my animals. I must.

  9. As a dog lover, your post is amazing! Will be sharing it with all my friends! Love it! The paw print art idea is sooo cute! I’ve never seen that before but I like it a lot!

  10. I love my dogs so much. Strangely enough, though, I do not have single framed photo of them anywhere in my house. Perhaps I could take advantage of this and get some made. I really need to.

  11. I have to say that getting your photos printed is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself! You can show off your favorite photos without having to ask “do you want to see more photos of my dog?” and more importantly, once they are printed, you don’t have to worry about technology changing and losing your photos forever. I will add that for large photos, using a high quality printer (photo lab) is significantly better in most cases than a home printer or even the drug store,

    Another thing that I love is the small photo albums you can order from many places. There is something more personal about physically holding a photo album then looking at the screen.

  12. I love the collage you made and the reminder that we should decorate our homes and offices with more pictures of our fur-kids. I constantly take pictures of Beatrice and Florence but don’t print or frame them. It is time to make a change. I also love your suggestion of keeping their pictures in different folders on my computer labeling them by a theme so they are easier to find when I am searching for them.

    1. My wife bought me that collage and I am so grateful for it, as it is a favorite. It was one of Oprah’s favorite things.

  13. I love your heart-shaped photo collage! That is so precious. The paw print pieces of art are really cool too. Those can help you remember good times with your pet forever. 🙂

  14. These are some wonderful ideas. I am losing some of my precious photos of Sweet Praline who died 4 years ago because the photos weren’t digital and they are fading and discoloration is occurring. I’m taking as many digital photos as I can of Truffle and Brulee.

  15. I love the heart shaped photo collage! I’m obsessed w/ photos of my digs but I’m not as well organized as I should be. I have recently become enamored of the photo on canvass concept. My biggest issue is always selecting the photos.I do have one great collection I’m very proud of; a group of 4 framed photos of a hiking trip to Sedona!

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