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The new year means a new start and a new list of books to add to the reading list. As a dog lover, if you are looking for a good read that sets aside fluff and gets right to the heart of what a good book is all about (aka meaty prose), Fidose of Reality unearthed a worthwhile read.

Lost and Found, by Amy Shojai: I am a fusspot about fiction involving dogs. If it’s too sappy, I can’t go there; if the ending is predictable and ends in a dog’s untimely but foreseeable demise, again I tend not to go there. Lost and Found is neither, and is in fact, a breath of fresh air and true to its title. I have been lost for a good dog book for a while, and wha-la, I found this gem and am glad I took the time to curl up with it. Suspenseful and introspective, if you are a fan of mysteries with a page-turner enthusiasm, this tale is right up your alley. Without spoiling the storyline, this much we can share: September Day is an animal behaviorist that loses it all—from her murdered husband to a failed career—and now she is forced back into reality, and life. Her nephew goes missing along with his autistic service dog. As the protagonist, Day and service dog, Shadow, form an unlikely, but necessary, bond.

Twist upon twist, the flow of Shojai’s writing is what made this even more of a page turner. Shojai goes into the mind of the dog and we feel what Shadow experiences. As a dog mom who often wonders what a dog is thinking, I take comfort in realizing I am not alone in this pondering. 

“Combs stopped at the door, his hand on the knob, and turned back. He knew Stan’s request took enormous effort. The man granted favors, not the reverse. And from his own experience, Combs knew a view from the outside, stripped of power, took an enormous toll. Might as well lie down in a coffin and wait for the first shovel of dirt.”

Shojai has a way with the pen and her words are carefully calculated, much like the plot line.

A dog who finds his true calling, a mother who takes a huge risk, and an aunt searching for a lost nephew: Curl up by the fireside or fire up the Kindle, Lost and Found is a fresh breath of prose from a well-established writer.

Want more? Check out Lost and Found at Amy Shojai’s Lost and Found website.


Note: We were not compensated for the review and were provided a complementary copy of the book for review consideration by the author. Opinions expressed are our own. We review products and books we feel would be of interest to the Fidose of Reality fan and follower.

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