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Leo the dog looking for his forever home: Can you help?

Leo the lion, strong and reliable, and looking for his forever home.

Leo appears to be a Cocker Spaniel mixed with Labrador or Golden Retriever; he is about 35-40 pounds. Leo is an energetic, friendly dog who would do well in an active family who will give him a lot of attention and exercise. He is a male adult who has been neutered.

We think Leo is about five years old. This is really the perfect age for most adopters, especially first-time dog owners. While adult dogs around four to six years old still need daily exercise, they are past the wild, hyper adolescent days that can be really challenging for their owners.

Here is Leo:

If you are interested in meeting these babies, please begin by reading ABOUT OUR ADOPTION PROCESS from Camp Cocker, which will take you to the first step of submitting an adoption application. Thank you so much for supporting Camp Cocker!

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