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Latest Dog Water Products Revealed

Dog water bowls, dog watering systems, and dog water type products seem to be one of the hottest categories of items of late to the pet industry. In our never-ending quest to find the very latest and greatest dog products “out there” and bring them to Fidose of Reality readers, we decided to get our feet wet (pun intended).

Of the many dog products that cross our office desks, here are three that stood out in terms of ingenuity, uniqueness, practicality, and overall design while remaining budget conscious:


What It Is: If you work away from home and want your dog’s water to remain cold all day, you could drive home every hour or two to fill it with ice cubes. Or you could keep it cool for up to eight hours without ice using FrostyBowlz.

What It Comes With: A 28-ounce heavy gauge stainless steel bowl with a non-skid surface along with the FrostyCore filled with a non-toxic freezable gel that can be used 1000’s of times. Both are dishwasher safe.

How It Works: 


Where I Use It:  The park, on a dog picnic, day trips, road trips, sitting outdoors on the deck.

Did It Work: We recently took this to a state park where we had a fun dog friendly picnic. The inner core was still cold when we were driving home fours later.

Where to Learn More:

Soggy Doggy Slopmat

What It Is: A quick-drying, placement for sloppy dogs, big-joweled dogs, messy eaters, and/or dog moms and dads who want to keep their pet’s water and food area clean.

How It Works:  Millions of textured, ultrafine strands of microfiber are woven together to absorb five times more water than regular mats.  It measures 18” x 24” and is beige with a red bone design.

Did It Work: For a little dog, he makes a big watery mess. Several times a day, we clean up after our PR (Puppy Relations) Manager, Dexter, after he drinks his water. Think drips galore to the max. After using this for two weeks, we are happy to report it worked like a charm. The company says there is no odor as it gets wet and they are right.  Machine washable and I dried it on a low setting. Looks great.

Where You Can Use It: Under a dog’s food or water bowl OR as a snuggle mat inside a small dog’s crate or kennel. I also took this to New York City recently where Dexter used it at the hotel to sleep on. It beats lugging a bed around and is oh-so-puppy-fur soft.

Where to Learn More:

Troff Pouch

What It Is: Troff is a patent-pending hydration pouch for canines with a non-spill valve and twist off top pouch.

What Does That Mean Exactly: The Troff pouch is made from FDA-approved materials and is BPA free. It has three layers: one inner layer prevent odor absorption, a middle layer to maintain tenacity, and an outer layer to preserve the design. Each Troff pouch holds 17 ounces of water and when emptied, can be rolled up, reused, and stored anywhere.

Troff pouch


Did It Work: We plan to use it at the beach on our next trip, which would be fabulous because we do not want sand in our water.

Where You Can Use It: Anywhere your dog needs water, and that’s pretty much everywhere. Every Troff hydration three-pack includes three 17-ounce Troff pouches.

Where To Learn More:

Have you discovered a product for dogs in the water category? Let us know. Most importantly, be sure to keep your dog hydrated.

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