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Is your dog a rock star?

Does your dog rock? By visiting this dog magazine blog, you’re probably nodding in unison (or wait, is that “head banging” in unison), that “yes, indeed, my dog does ROCK!”

Bret Michaels agrees, and he’s got a new line of products for pets that are ooh-la-la fun, trendy, hip, and exclusive through PetSmart in stores and online. And Fidose of Reality went behind the velvet ropes and was given a front-row pass to this 80s glam rocker’s line, dubbed the “Bret Michaels Pets Rock collection.”Cocker spaniel singing

Michaels is the lead singer for iconic rock band, Poison, winner of Celebrity Apprentice, and he recently partnered with Dean Guitars to design his first-ever signature Bret Michaels series.

Some of the items include Bret Michaels Pets Rock Tour Bus with Hide and Seek Toys, Bret Michaels Pets Rock Cuddler Bed, and Bret Michaels Pets Rock Skull Sundress and Bret Michaels Pets Rock Outlaw Tee. But wait, here’s a sneak peek of the line, PLUS we’re giving swag away to Fidose of Reality fans in true rocker style. Check out the video below and stay tuned for the Fidose of Reality “My Dog Rocks Like Bret Michaels” contest to win rockin’ goodies galore for your pooch! (next week)

Inspired by his rock n’ roll style and his German Shepherds, the Bret Michaels Pets Rock™ Collection includes toys for dogs, dog beds, clothes for dogs, dog collars and leashes and dog bowls.

Further information about the Bret Michaels line of pet accessories may be viewed at



  1. Carma Poodale says

    Oh My Dog! So many of my friends are sporting this new line of clothes. Dexter looks so kewl in that leather jacket. I sure hope they make them big enough for a standard poodle!

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