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As the  PR Manger for BlogPaws, I’ve got some insider info on what’s being planned for the 2013 Conference, taking place May 16-18 in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. It’s true: Dexter and I have been to every single BlogPaws Conference and my life and career have been changed because of BlogPaws. My heart beats dog for sure.

I remember walking into the BlogPaws Conference in Ohio many years ago and getting chills, literally, up and down my arms. I felt a connection and something very electric in the air there. As the days went on (which were a total of two back then), I realized, “these are my people, this is my life.” Pet bloggers are a force with which to be reckoned: This much I know is true. 

So why go to this year’s conference? Dynamic speakers include the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Dale, social media pioneer and Harvard textbook author, Clara Shih. So I know I will be motivated and want to take my blog and career onward and upward after hearing them. The agenda of seminar leaders and educational speakers is also taking shape and if I said anything, well, I might be banished to the doghouse. One hint though: Whether you are a beginning blogger, want to blog or are a seasoned pro, the bar has been escalated and there is a topic for everyone at every level: Many times over.blogpaws

Now for a big reveal: In 2013, the first ever multi-level track offerings: Beginner, Intermediate, and a new track that is being launched at BlogPaws: Pro Level!!! 

The BlogPaws 2013 Conference takes place May 16-18, 2013, in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia.  Hundreds of pet bloggers, brands, journalists, writers, industry experts, (and many of them bringing their pets) will gather for the fifth annual BlogPaws conference. Attending the 2012 BlogPaws Conference allowed me to check some items off mine and Dexter’s bucket lists, respectively.

Pet360 is on board with BlogPaws now. Well, by combining Pet360 Media’s expansive network of leading online resources with BlogPaws’ social media conferences and blogger community, the partnership creates the world’s most influential group of social advocates and professionals in the pet industry.  Someone who wants to blog, microblog (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and is either getting started or is established will benefit from being there.

No one paid me to say this. I speak the truth: My life was changed because I applied what I learned at BlogPaws conferences and from networking in the BlogPaws network and community year-round. The educational sessions were worth the price of admission alone, but the network has been priceless. Ironically, more than 75 percent of those folks I connect with on Facebook are people I first met in person. Many of these people I have met at, yep, you guessed it: BlogPaws. And here is Tillman, the Skateboarding Dog at BlogPaws!!!!

skateboarding dog

Like any conference, community, or relationship: You get out of it what you put into it. If you come to the BlogPaws conference and sit idly, you will still benefit from the power and electricity of being there. Someone along the way will approach you and ask how its going, if you need anything, or to engage. If you come to the BlogPaws conference to engage, I can tell you from first hand experience: the sky’s the limit.

I will never not attend one of these conferences. Each one is unique. I feel like I travel to a familiar place with familiar friends and then arrive in a totally different destination every time. If you are wondering what else you get at BlogPaws, I wrote about this and sharing it here.  For $199 bucks for three days with industry experts, leaders, networking, Oscar-style awards, swag, brands, bloggers, pet friendly, and more: Ask me why I never miss attending. I guarantee you’ll find the answer in this post.

blogpawsRegistration is open for BlogPaws 2013. Dexter and I will be there. How about you?

Oh and it’s Wordless Wednesday! What the wag does that mean?  BlogPaws‘ Wordless Wednesday is a time when anyone with a blog can join in, network, grow their blog, make new and familiar connections, and be as wordless but engaging as humanly possible. How to Join a Blog Hop – BlogPaws Tutorial



  1. I hope to go this year. Last year was my first and I loved it. I applied to be a speaker this year as that is likely the only way I will be able to afford to go. I haven’t heard back yet one way or another though so I am not sure. I love everything social media and I love dogs so the people at this conference are “my people” too.

  2. I am thrilled that I will be able to go (just found out) 🙂

    But what does “In 2013, the first ever multi-level track offerings: Beginner, Intermediate, and a new track that is being launched at BlogPaws: Pro Level!!! ” mean????????????

    • Tracks are the variety of offerings that bloggers can partake in when attending BlogPaws. For example, if you have gotten past the basics and are an experienced, “pro” blogger, you might want to consider the Pro Level track. Does that help?? Very excited to see you there, Caren!

  3. I’m attending for the first time and am super excited! I just can’t wait and I expect to my Blog to explode with everything I learn and all the connections I make.

    Exciting post Carol, really exciting!

    • I know, I am definitely wagging with anticipation for this conference and all the future holds. Double bonus in meeting you, Jodi!

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