I Wish Someone Would Host a Conference to Save Dogs Lives #BPPOP

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Are you one of those people who wants to help dogs in need and often times, like me, feels helpless? Shy of seeing the sad photos of dogs in need scrolling across Facebook, making a donation, trying to do what you can to help, are you like me and you wonder what you could possibly do that would make a difference, and where you could actually “be the change” you want to see in the world? I really wish someone would host a conference to save dogs lives… and not stop there. Ever feel that way?

You aren’t alone. I’ve felt that way time and again and continue to do so. I’ve wished that someone would actually teach me how to help animals and give me a plan for what I could do to make a difference while balancing a full-time job, family, and blog. Certainly there have to be experts out there somewhere who can teach people like me who have an interest in saving lives and change the way animals are treated, yet show me in a way that is actionable, doable, and so that I can relate to it and understand it. It is so hard to educate people who don’t get why it is so important to help animals in need. Some folks want to help and they have no idea how.

Finally someone has stepped up to “Be the Change for Pets” and that “someone” is BlogPaws. Since hosting the first-ever pet blogging and social media conference in 2010, BlogPaws has quickly grown to the largest such event in North America! Along the way, they launched the Be the Change for Pets movement, survived wildfire, earthquake, and hurricane, and hosted the only live, red carpet awards ceremonies for pet social media achievements, the Nose-to-Nose Awards. They’ve also changed lives, like mine, and inspired me to change my career and give back to animals. I’ve always had the passion but I never exactly knew what to do on a regular basis to actually say more than “well, I donated money, so that has to help, right?” (and it does, but like the saying goes, “feed a man fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime).blogpaws_bechange

So for three days in Virginia, people are invited to bring their pet if desired and learn how to make a difference in the lives of pets. What does that even mean, right? Well….

Pet Rescue Fundraising for the 21st Century

In this session, Allen Kimble, Jr. and Vinny the Pug will talk about the popular fundraiser models being used by pet rescues.  “Donation” based fundraisers are obsolete in today’s economy yet, they are used almost exclusively by pet rescues.

MAKE SOME NOISE — How to Connect All Your Social Media & Get the World Buzzing About You

Have you heard of Eldad Hagar? Maybe you’ve seen him on Anderson Cooper’s show or in national headlines. Eldad Hagar, is an animal rescuer and co-founder of Hope For Paws animal rescue in Los Angeles, California.  After resisting joining the social media world for many years, he finally decided to give it a try. That event changed the lives of of countless animals and people.  In a two year period, Eldad exposed more than 50 million people to his rescue stories and videos (Internet, television, newspapers and magazines).  His experiences inspired people from all over the world to take action, and participate in saving the lives of abused, sick and homeless animals everywhere.  

These are two of the sessions that BlogPaws will be showcasing in their Be the Change for Pets Program at BlogPaws.

People have asked me how they can afford to get to Virginia – I mean it’s $199 after all and BlogPaws conferences take place over three days’ time. Beyond learning how to rescue, which taught me how to fundraise $14,000 for pet rescue in three years’ time, you can learn how to start a new career, escalate an existing one, and get face-to-face and “nose-to-nose” with key pet industry influencers.


I am now planning a fun fundraiser in the form of a “dog wedding” from which we intend to fundraise thousands of dollars for Life’s Little Paws, a Cocker Spaniel rescue group. I learned so many things in how to do this and how to get media to notice and people to come together in the name of dog: And I learned them at BlogPaws.

I tell people who ask how they can afford to get to Virginia that for $199 bucks, you get 7 meals, a pet-friendly environment (so your pet doesn’t have to stay behind), in a top-notch hotel, all sessions on site, in one place, under one roof, oh and toss in fun and networking to boot.  I simply say “how can you not afford to come?” The first year I went to BlogPaws, I scraped every single dollar I could to make the trek from Pennsylvania to Ohio, where the conference was held. I am so grateful I did. My career has changed, I am empowered, educated, inspired, saving and changing lives, and being a part of the change.

Are you? If you have questions or want to get involved, shoot me an email, comment below, and/or join the free community. I’ve priced courses online and they aren’t cheap. They also don’t give me the most bang for my buck.  I don’t get paid to share this info; I do so because sometimes we need to sacrifice something to get ahead. The $199 I spent back then is still repaying itself onto my life time and again.

blogpawsLearn more and get the scoop here: BlogPaws 2013 Conference 

If you get in touch with me, I can tell you how to save $$ on attending, too. No strings attached.

P.S. BlogPaws walks the walk and talks the talk: In the past  four conferences, they’ve donated over $45,000 in products, goods, and cash to shelters and rescues in need.


    • You inspire me very much, Carma Poodale – and I waggingly can’t wait for photos, hugs, learning, networking, and all that BlogPaws holds.

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