Join Blogger Disaster Response Network: Help Hurricane Sandy Pets


Hurricane Sandy and Pets:  How can you help?  BlogPaws and World Vets, with the help of Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, have announced they have joined forces to create The Blogger Disaster Response Network.

Bloggers and microbloggers (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) are invited to sign up to take part in this first-of-its-kind response network by bloggers.

Signing up means that people will be sharing their basic information (name, email and blog are required) with BlogPaws and World Vets. This information will be safe in the network and BlogPaws will only contact people via broadcast email when a disaster happens and the word must get out immediately. Those who sign up can then choose whether they want to participate in spreading the word about any disaster event. Participation can mean a blog post, a tweet, a Facebook status, a Pinterest post, a Youtube video and/or any other social media channel people want to use. Often World Vets sets up a chip-in and sharing the chip-in is away to share the cause.

Interested parties can sign up here and spread the word. The more bloggers that BlogPaws can contact when a disaster strikes, the bigger the positive impact can be made.

blogpaws_bechangeHere is the link:


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