Surprise a pet parent with a Swiffer

How to Surprise a Pet Parent for the Holidays #ShedHappens

Surprise a pet parent with a Swiffer


Imagine being confiscated as evidence in a drug bust: And imagine if that “evidence” is that of a living being; more precisely, a dog. This is the true story of a dog originally called “Zyla Cocoa” and how she came to enter my dear friend, Ellen’s life. Her mom, Ellen, renamed the dog, Zola, upon rescuing her, but most days she calls her “the world’s biggest shedder.” I am surprising my pet parent friend for the holidays.

Swiffer helps pet parents clean up #ShedHappens #ad

Zola Connects My Past to My Present

Back in 2004, my Cocker Spaniel, Brandy Noel, was a contestant in a Halloween benefit and parade for homeless pets. We dressed our little girl as a lion, not realizing she would soon be sharing her “pride” with another pack member. At the benefit, our friend, Ellen, noticed a dog with one of those “adopt me” vests on. This adoptable dog was literally flipping smaller dogs on their backs and playing ever so gently with them. Ellen was smitten. As I traipsed Brandy Noel around the shelter grounds, Ellen and my spouse, Darlene, decided to approach Zola and learn more about her.

Dogs bring us such joy #ShedHappens #ad
I miss my Brandy Noel every day.

From Drugs to Dreams

“I just want to go look” are often a prospective dog parent’s famous last words. As Ellen approached, Zola was immediately smitten with her, too, and after talking to the shelter volunteers about Zola’s story, Ellen went through the steps to adopt Zola.

My Brandy Noel and Zola became pals, and I lost my little girl in 2008. When my Dexter entered my life, he and Zola bonded immediately, too, see?

Dexter and Zola bonded #ShedHappens
Dexter and Zola bonded right from the start.

So my past and present are tied together with Zola. It’s amazing how dogs unite us, isn’t it?

“Aside from loving her more than anything, what stands out most to me was the amount of hair Zola shed,” Ellen reminds me.

Here’s what Zola’s bed looks like in the morning with Zola on it, and then the photo below it is of Zola’s bed after she departs: Talk about leaving your mark (of shed) behind!

Zola on her dog bed #ShedHappens #ad

Clean up pet hair with Swiffer #ShedHappens #ad
The shed bed, as Zola’s mom calls it.

Swiffer® Gifting: Pawing it Forward

Ellen never had a pet for her entire adult life until Zola came along. So it made perfect sense to gift Ellen with a box Swiffer awesomeness.

The Welcome Home Kit for Ellen includes both BarkBox® and Swiffer goodies so both Zola and her mom can celebrate the holidays together. First the reaction and then the scoop on what Ellen received and how you can get the shed out of your life thanks to the folks at Swiffer:

Ellen and Zola received:

  • A collection of BarkBox goodies
  • Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit
  • Swiffer Sweeper Dry Refill Kit (for Ellen’s “Queen of Shed”)
  • Swiffer Duster
  • Febreze product coupon
  • Bark Toy and treat
  • Fresh Chicken Recipe Food Sample

For the pet parent on your holiday list, any of these items make great practical stocking stuffers. We are also pawing it forward and gifting some goodies like this to our local shelter so the dogs there can be helped, too.

Clean up pet hair with #ShedHappens
Zola helps her mom clean up with Swiffer

Stats Be Gone

According to info provided by Swiffer, over 58 percent of pet parents think cleaning up their pet’s messes is a major source of stress.

Does this look like a stressful situation? Nope!!! This is happiness personified…. Or is that “pet-sonified.”

Swiffer helps pet parents clean up #ShedHappens #ad
Ellen and Zola checking out the Swiffer box of goodies


Paw it Forward

Here are five things you can do this holiday season to make a difference in the life of a pet or a pet parent’s life:

  • Gift a box of Swiffer goodies to a local shelter;
  • Gift a box of Swiffer goodies to a pet parent on your shopping list;
  • Drop off some Swiffer pads and Duster with a local rescue;
  • Gift yourself with a Swiffer dry mop: This is my most coveted cleaning tool, whether you have a pet or not: Thank me later.
  • Cyber foster a shelter pet for $10: I did this one year and it made a huge difference. I am following the lead of the Swiffer folks, who are encouraging pet adoption. Pet adoption is a topic near and dear to our hearts at Fidose of Reality. Our fundraising arm of the blog is Wigglebutt Warriors ®, and we crusade to save dogs’ lives. Visit the Facebook Swiffer page and get more info!

How do you keep pet hair and messes at bay in your household? Have you ever used Swiffer?


    1. I actually am gifting a friend who has cats with the a box of this Swiffer goodness, but I can’t reveal who here so she does not see it LOL

  1. Carol, we love Swiffer here! What a wonderful story! And Zola is sweetheart! Our dogs certainly do unite us. I’ve met so many wonderful new friends thanks to my FiveSibes! Brandy Noel was so pretty…they sure do leave pawprints on our hearts.

  2. “I just want to go look.” Yup I can totally see how that happened! She’s adorable and I’m glad her messes won’t be as much of a problem anymore!

  3. Swiffer makes quality products that I know a couple of my pet parent friends could really use. I am kind of lucky that my cats do not shed a lot.

  4. First, I love seeing all your sweet photos!!! Secondly, I think this is wonderful. Pooches can have their challenges. Providing a friend with everything they need to enjoy their new friend without the trouble.

  5. What a great story. Cute pets. Yes the shed is real! I know because my daughter has a husky. I was cleaning the floors 3 times a day while she was living here. Great tips and gift!

  6. I love seeing the pictures! And hurrah for items that show up that are useful, those are my favorite kinds to review. 🙂

  7. This article of Ellen and Zola is so heartwarming and touching, a perfect Christmas story! I couldn’t live without my Swiffer products, and it looks like Ellen and even Zola appreciated your thoughtfulness!!! I have two dogs that shed throughout the year, and the Swiffer has become my right hand partner.

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