How to Stop Dog Fighting

Want to stop dog fighting? April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, an annual day to raise awareness about the prevalence of dog fighting and encourage animal lovers to take action against it. Fidose of Reality is helping to take a stand against the horrible act that is dog fighting, and without any graphic images, we hope you will join us in helping to stop dog fighting, too.

This year, we’re helping the ASPCA get the word out along with pit bull advocate and famous actor, Patrick Stewart, to get tough on dog fighting. There’s no question dog fighting is a deplorable crime. While it’s illegal in every state, there are still tens of thousands of dogs forced to train, fight, and suffer every year.

How to stop dog fighting

We are also giving away a #GetTough against dog fighting prize pack from the ASPCA below, too. Keep reading.

How to stop dog fighting

What You Can Do to Help Stop Dog Fighting

Sign the Pledge: Your voice is more important than ever. Help us generate 50,000 signatures advocating against dog fighting. Sign the Anti Dog Fighting pledge.

Share a Selfie: Let people know you are taking a stand against dog fighting. Snap a muscle-flexing selfie and share it on your social channels using the hashtag #GetTough. Here is ours:

How to stop dog fighting

Donate: Help with a donation 

Learn More: Don’t stop now. Dog fighting gets us sick, and if you feel the same way, there are more things you can do to stop dog fighting.

Report it to Authorities: Don’t let dogs suffer. You are the only voice a dog(s) has to stop the deplorable act of dog fighting. Report it to the authorities. Remember back to the Michael Vick dog fighting ring days? He was busted because someone spoke up. Speak up.

Learn More: The fab folks at Sarcastic Dog are anti dog fighting, too. Please stop by the Sarcastic Dog blog and check their post out, too. The more we band together and stop this horror, the better!

Get tough against dog fighting giveaway

Giveaway is Closed. Thanks to all who entered. Winner is Ashley Saunders.

Giveaway: One person in the US or Canada will win a #GetTough on Dog Fighting pack, including:

–         Anti-dog fighting t-shirt

–          ASPCA Frisbee

–          Get Tough on dog fighting bandana

–         #GetTough sticker

–         ASPCA tote

Our winner will be drawn at random on 04/19/17.

Scroll down for means of entry and good luck! Canada and U.S. only with complete rules here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Note: We are not being compensated for this news or giveaway. We want the scums of the world who do these horrible things to dogs to stop and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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  1. Sad to say that we’ve even had lawmakers in congress who don’t think there’s anything wrong with dog fighting.

    Luckily things appear to be changing.

  2. This is a great initiative! People should definitely get tough on dog fighting. I’d like to think that if enough people speak up, we can stop a lot of fighting rings.

  3. Dog fighting is disgusting and totally unacceptable! We are glad that it is illegal everywhere in our country and that there seems to be more awareness for it too. Thanks for helping to spread the word! #GetTough!!!

  4. Good tips and great, important work! The history of dog fighting goes back to the Roman times and was in Brittian, and is resurging again in Afghanistan (formerly banned). It’s a very weird thing to know the history and all of the work that has gone on to remove it from society as a whole. The more work we all can do, hopefully one day dog fighting (animal fighting of any sort) is done away with, in whole, in society. Thank you for your great work!

  5. I’m ashamed that my part of the country is known for dog fighting. I hope it goes away soon because I hate it every time i see a tortured dog posted on social media and it’s in the South.

  6. Great tips. I’m an hour south of Detroit and I see a lot of rescued dogs that have been associated with dog fighting. It’s so sad that the human race can find this entertainment. Thanks for this post.

  7. Donate to the ASPCA, and if you see something suspicious you need to speak up and say something. Dog fighting and any cruelty against animals makes me sick.

  8. I love the ASPCA! They do great work! I like the share a selfie tip. It’s good to let others know where you stand on animal abuse.

  9. I hate dogs fighting, and dog fighting. it is totally evil and people who do it should be locked in a wet cold place for years and years. (Let them suffer for a long time – but then I’m mean…….!)

    Animals need respect and protection, although some people in the US are not so sure, and that doesn’t look good 🙁

  10. That saddens me to know dog fighting still exist. that is just not cool and it needs to stop.

  11. So glad to see that there is a way to take action! I’ve been so sad (and sick) over stories about dog fighting while these beautiful creatures should be loved in nurturing homes.

  12. Such an important post. I also advocate for the ASPCA and for #GetTough. I hope one day dog fighting will just be a nightmare of the past. Together, I hope we can achieve this.

  13. Great post to bring further awareness to this cause. I will share this post as well. It’s heart-wrenching and beyond disturbing to think people can even think these things up to participate in and put dogs through such hell.

  14. I just think it is sad when innocent animals face such cruelty. They deserve to be loved and treated with respect too.

  15. I signed the pledge! Honestly, I cannot even imagine “dog fighting” and the entire concept is so disgusting and horrible – everyone should be signing this and taking a part in this narrative. Love your selfie. I’ve been following Patrick Stewart’s posts and his foster for weeks and it’s so heart warming. Your partnership with ASPCA is really important.

  16. I can’t believe dog fighting is still such an issue in this country. It’s not only horrific for the dogs but it’s an illegal act that is also closely tied to other illegal activities like drug trafficking. Thanks for helping to get the word out Carol! This cruel, inhumane activity needs to stop. One way people can help is to make efforts to help educate our youth. It all starts with the kids, help them grow up knowing that dog fighting is cruel and inhumane.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  17. Thanks for the reminder that dog fighting still exists. I think that many people think that it was just a trend that’s come and gone. But living where we do we know that it’s still going on and people need to be aware of it. Love Dolly

  18. I signed the pledge. It is heartbreaking that dog fighting is still an issue. I am hopeful that with stiffer penalties and increased awareness, it will become a thing of the past.

  19. Dog fighting is so sad! Unfortunately it is still common in Georgia, along with rooster fighting. Thank you for raising awareness on this important topic- I tweeted this post as well!

  20. I’m so glad there is a way to help stop things like this! I hate it when people share graphic images of this sort on Facebook. I’ve been in tears so many times from seeing stuff I really don’t want to see :'(

  21. Be willing to adopt dogs that may have had a rough start in life. We watched a screening of the Champions Documentary about a year ago, and heard that so many dogs who had been fighting dogs were not even considered for adoption and were immediately euthanized. Since then, legislation has changed in such a way where the dogs are at least considered for being adopted after training and socialization. Someone needs to be on the other end, willing to bring them into their loving homes.

    If all else fails, speak up, and put your money where your mouth is. Donating will always be appreciated if you are currently unable to adopt a dog but still want to assist.

  22. This is a big problem in Quebec too. The ban on pitbills in Ontario drove it into another province. I talked to an animal control officer and he said it’s an issue the RCMP (feds) are called into handle because it involves organized crime and is unfortunately part of a much bigger operation. He said they take it seriously which I guess is a good start. But it’s part of a bigger problem.

  23. You know this is an issue near and dear to my heart and I thank you so much for being a strong voice against dog fighting! Dog fighting is such a vile form of blatant animal abuse and is tied to so many socio-economic issues that it will indeed take a global effort to eradicate dog fighting. Of course, as a pit bull mama I am far too aware of the way that dog fighting feeds the myths and misconceptions about pit bull type dogs. Thank you for bringing much needed awareness to this issue!

    1. That means a lot to me. I’d be happy to do something again with you to get the word out, do something to make a huge difference, and shine the spotlight on this horror.

  24. sign pledges, engage your community, state, local government to enforce the laws already on the books and encourage more jail time or prison.

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