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How to Save a Puppy with CPR


No one likes to think about an emergency situation with their beloved pet, but learning a few lifesaving methods could mean the difference between life and death should an emergency occur. All responsible pet owners should take the time to familiarize themselves with the proper techniques for giving CPR to their own pet. Do you know how to save a puppy with CPR?

Perhaps you are well trained in CPR for humans, but did you know that performing CPR on a dog, and especially on a puppy, is a bit different? A little knowledge can go a long way in the event an emergency takes place.

A puppy’s anatomy is more fragile than an adult dog’s and a modified respiration technique is needed to protect the puppy from further injuries. Learning the proper technique can increase an injured or sick puppy’s chances of survival.

The following graphic shows the proper way to perform CPR on a puppy. Make sure to follow the procedure as illustrated. Take careful notice of the hand placement for a large puppy as opposed to a small puppy. Notice how small breaths are needed, never a full exhalation. Further modifications need to be made for a very small or newborn puppy.

While knowing and administering the proper CPR techniques does not always guarantee success in saving a sick or injured puppy, it does increase its chances of survival. In an emergency situation these skills are essential.

Dog / Puppy CPR

 Via Carrington College’s Veterinary Technology Program

Author: Sandra Mills

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  1. You’re right. I absolutely do not want to think about being in that position. But it is incredibly important, and incredibly useful information. Thank you.

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