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How to Make Your Dog Into a Retro Pet

Retro PetsSanta Fe artist Krista Brooks creates Retro Pets Art Prints are created by (she calls ‘em “works of ARF”). I had the pleasure of meeting Brooks at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, earlier this year. When she moved to New Mexico in 1995, while standing in her bare apartment, she was inspired to make her first retro pet aintings. What began in the mid 90s has evolved into a line of prints, magnets, commissioned works, and more.

What makes Krista’s “artful arfs” so engaging is the delightful “throw back” feel that can be seen in the detail of each piece. From “Fetching Dreams: If You Throw It I Will Run” to “Wigglebutt Biscuits: Shake Your Money Maker,” these is definitely art with a whimsy attitude.

dog notecardsYou can commission a Retro Pets portrait and have Krista work her retro magic to capture your dog. Retro Pets combines your pet's nicknames, personal stories and inside jokes into a beautiful “work of ARF.”

Learn more about Retro Pets by visiting the website and also by watching the video below that Fidose of Reality proudly launches here.

When you commission Krista to do a work of “arf” for your dog, you will receive a 16×20 gallery-wrapped canvas and 100 Note Cards and envelopes. The commission process includes a brainstorming session with Krista to decide what type of label she'll create for your pet to star on. Plus, the chance to give feedback throughout the process till it's just right.

* We were not paid for this review. Krista Brooks is a sponsor of the Wigglebutt Wedding and we are proud to share this product review with Fidose of Reality readers.


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