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How to make your dog an internet star

Social media has exploded and dogs are a huge part of the ever-growing, ever-changing e-landscape. Did you see the dancing duo on Britain’s Got Talent who won the grand prize and are now performing for the Queen of England (amongst a ton of other royalties – pun intended?).

YouTube is definitely one of the biggest reasons dogs like this one and others are marking their spot and catapulting their owners to fame, fortune, and fun! In less than four weeks, some of the hottest “You-Tubers” around will be showcasing how they did it with their own dogs and how you, too, can harness the power of YouTube with your precious pooch.

Lauren Girard and CJ Jasmine are two of the three speakers, who along with Eldad Hagar, will be presenting The Power of YouTube at BlogPaws in June. These three have captured the spirit of dog and the heart of a nation, and when you see and meet them, it’s easy to understand why. Register here for BlogPaws and meet me and my pooch, Dexter, in person.

Wondering just how powerful YouTube is? Thanks to blogger Jeff Bullas for sharing this Infographic from TechWelkIn.

Still not convinced? Check out these YouTube stats.


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