How to Keep Dogs Safe at Halloween

dog halloween costumeGoblins and ghoulies, candy corn and cornstalks, doggie costume contests and parades: It’s that time of year when dogs get their spookly groove on and go trick or treating. Here are 10 must-do’s to keep dogs safe this Halloween season:

  • If Fido is donning a costume, ensure he likes it, is comfortable, and that he is familiar with walking in it. Never make a dog dress up that is not happy about doing so.
  • Keep chocolate and anything Xylitol-based away from dogs: Nothing ruins Halloween fun like a trip to the emergency vet.
  • Keep dogs secure at home in the event the welcome mat is being rolled out to costumed kids. Children in strange apparel might frighten Fido and dogs tend to bolt in these situations.
  • If walking Rover, ensure he doesn’t get loose to roam with all the strange sights, sounds, and sniffs of Halloween. Candy and treat wrappers do not belong in Fido’s mouth, so proceed with caution. Walk dogs before the ghoulies and goblins emerge.
  • Identification tags should be current and having Fido in something reflective while you do the same are keys to having fun while keep safe
  • Keep wagging tails and prying noses away from Jack-o-Lanterns and candles. While adorable, they pose a safety hazard and fire threat with curious canines abound.
  • If participating in a Halloween costume contest, make sure Fido is accustomed to being around strange dogs (who will look even stranger in ghoulish garb).
  • Wires and cords should be safely secured and out of Fido’s reach. If chewed, electrocution can be fatal.
  • Dogs can overheat easily, so ensure Rover’s costume is not too bulky or heavy. October temperatures can be warm or chilly, depending on the part of the country. Dress with Fido’s best needs in mind.
  • Beware of humans. With mischief makers and pranksters increasing this time of year, dogs are at risk for the ill intentions of some people. Keep dogs indoors and supervise any interaction with people.

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