How to Help a Rescue Dog with Sweet Relish: Huh?

sweet relish

Isn’t shopping for dog products online a fun and easy way to get the things you and your want and need? Did you ever find an item online that you want to come back to or think “oh, I’ll remember that and check it out later,” and either you A) forget the link or B) you bookmark the site and become inundated with links which get lost in the shuffle. Well now you can help a rescue dog with Sweet Relish. shopping. Huh?

SweetRelish is a site similar to Pinterest, but instead of “boards” you create “lists” and the lists have items on them that you can purchase directly from the list. It’s easy, too: 

  • Head to the Sweet Relish Site: Sweet Relish.
  • Click on Get the “R” button 
  • Click Add or Drag and add to your toolbar

If you want to go and get started, click here —– SWEET RELISH SIGN UP

You can add things to your list from anywhere on the internet. So say you are browsing online and find a great leash or cute dog bowl you want but you’ll get back to it later. Create a list such as “Items for my Dog” or “Items for Friends Pets” and wha-la, Sweet Relish saves those products into your list. This has become my latest addictive site: Lists galore, easy access, and the lists are shareable. So you could actually make lists of items you want and share them with family and friends for holidays, birthdays, shower/wedding gifts, and of course, the most important: Dog items. I made a “Dexter’s Wish List” for my dog. Here’s what my list looks like:

sweet relish

Clever Dog Product Idea

I plan to make a “Dog Rescue Wish List” and whenever a person asks me how they can help a rescue dog or what a shelter I work with might need, I can refer them there. The toolbar installs easily and a cute “R” rests high atop your toolbar without ever getting in the way. When you see something you like online, simply click the R.

sweet relish toolbar


Meet Freddy

Sweet Relish sent me a box of dog products to try out, which I am paying it forward and sending to my pal, Nancy Height, who has fostered a dog from Life’s Little Paws, who is available for a forever home (hint hint) and she is also a very giving dog mom! In the meantime, meet Freddy. I received an email about Freddy that read, “Urgent Foster needed in Connecticut. Freddy is tied to a dog house 24/7 the owner no longer wants him. He cries for attention. A concerned neighbor has got the owner to agree to give him up. He is 8 years old. Please help us find a foster so he doesn’t spend another cold and lonely night tied to a dog house.”

Freddy When He Was Found

cocker spaniel rescue


Freddy After Love and Vet Care with his Foster Dad

cocker spaniel rescue


I am happy to report that thanks to Life’s Little Paws Cocker Spaniel Rescue Group, Freddy is now safe and sound in foster care. He has been checked by a vet, has been groomed, and is awaiting his forever home. In the meantime, Freddy could really use some love to show him that there are genuinely good people in the world. If you can help Freddy and want a forever Wigglebutt friend, visit my buddies at Life’s Little Paws.

Signup for Sweet Relish for Free and Life’s Little Paws Gets a $$ Donation!!

So you are definitely eager to sign up for Sweet Relish by now as well as help Life’s Little Paws and dogs like Freddy, right? Shop if you like but registering is free. For every person who signs up for Sweet Relish specifically through this link: Sweet Relish and Fidose of Reality, Life’s Little Paws will get $1 per person! WOW imagine the moola we can raise if everyone reading this takes a minute to sign up. A buck to change a dog’s luck!

You can help dogs like Freddy relish in the love of caring people by signing up here: Sweet Relish and Fidose of Reality

Fidose of Reality wants to really knock this one out of the ballpark, so please tweet, Facebook share, post, and tell your friends to shimmy on by. They must, however, sign up through this link so that Life’s Little Paws gets $1 per each person who registers for Sweet Relish!! That way they can track all the Cocker Love!!!

Need more convincing? Freddy says, “help my rescue help me!!!”

cocker spaniel rescue


 Remember sign up for Sweet Relish and let’s raise funds for this wigglebutts in need! You can help dogs like Freddy relish in the love of caring people by signing up here: Sweet Relish and Fidose of Reality    <  ———–

Disclosure: I am being compensated to share the word about Sweet Relish but  the more funds we raise, the more dogs like Freddy get helped, saved, and wag in gratitude!



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