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How to Determine the Quality of Dog Food #WeBelieveinNB

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Dog food shopping is a very personal decision; after all, aisle upon aisle in pet supply stores are stocked full of kibble, cans, and everything in between for today’s modern dog parent. We enter into very few relationships with dog food brands here at Fidose of Reality unless we feel confident in sharing that food with our readers. When folks at Natural Balance® asked if we could work together, we knew this would be a perfect fit, as we have had personal success with this brand over the years.

Natural Balance dog food

Buy With Confidence

Bottom line: The ingredients in dog food should be both healthy and nutritious, but also the food should satisfy your dog and be something that the dog actually looks forward to eating. In this season of gratitude and giving, we are grateful that Natural Balance has a Buy With Confidence™ promise and tests every single batch of food and treats in their state-of-the-art lab. You can check out the Buy with Confidence guarantee to see exactly what we mean.

Let’s be honest: Your dog wants a meal that tastes good; you, the dog parent, want a high quality food with premium quality ingredients without worry.

Natural Balance dog food selection

Giving and Gratitude

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing stories about our relationship with Natural Balance and why our dog’s best friend eats it and thrives on it. We’ll also give you some ideas for including Natural Balance treats into your dog’s life along with ways to pay it forward using the premium quality ingredients in each bag and can.

Here’s our dog, Dexter, making some selections of Natural Balance at a local PetSmart® store for Zola. I love that Natural Balance has a variety of selections depending on your dog’s dietary needs and desires. PetSmart allows pets in store, so this is a win-win:

While in store, Dexter was greeted by a sweet little girl who asked if he could have some treats. We happily thanked the girl and her mom for asking first and then we allowed her to feed him a few of the the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet Duck and Potato dog treats. Talk about a sweet paying it forward moment. Since I basically live with my phone in hand, I was able to capture the unexpected moment:

Natural Balance dog food selection

Limited Ingredient Diet and Why

There’s an awful lot of information floating around the Internet about the dog food selections with limited ingredients. I trust experts when researching this topic, and you should, too. The folks at Natural Balance have expert veterinary technicians able to chat directly with you about your pet’s unique needs and preference.

Meet Zola.

Natural Balance dog food selection

The quality of the Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet is why Zola’s mom chose the duck and potato variety of this dog food. For the past several years, Zola has been thriving on a variety of canned and kibble Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet dog food.

Zola is now 12 years young. Her veterinarian says her blood work is that of a younger dog and that she is in pristine overall good health. Dogs, like humans, are very much of the “we are what we eat” mantra, and Zola is no different.

You’ll get to know Zola and her dietary indiscretions over these next few months. You’ll also get to know Dexter and why we allow him to snack on the Natural Balance dog food rolls and treats. Bottom line: I trust that the dogs are getting a quality snack, meal, and treat. Without that level of trust, I would never commit to purchasing the products, working with the brand, and allowing our canine family members to consume them.

As a human being, you would not want to eat the same flavor and taste selection every single day of your life in and out. Should you decide to pass the same kindness on to your pooch, Natural Balance has several varieties in the line for easy and regular transition.

Natural Balance dog food selection
Dexter is happy with his purchases.

Is Natural Balance Right For Your Dog?

Check out the Natural Balance website to find out more and ask any questions live with the expert veterinary technician.

Visit the Buy With Confidence guarantee link to learn how the folks at Natural Balance stand behind the products.

Have you ever tried the Natural Balance line for your dog(s)? What do you look for in a dog food selection? We’d love your feedback below!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Natural Balance. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. The ingredients are so important when choosing dog food for Max. I don’t want fillers – just healthy, nutritious food that’s good for my dog. I need to check out Natural Balance. What a sweet pic of the little girl giving your dog a treat! It’s adorable!

  2. We noticed a big difference in our dog’s behavior when we fed her better quality dog good (as opposed to store brands). Not only did she have more energy, she had less gastric upset. I enjoyed the photos of your fur babies 🙂

  3. This is for sure one of the brands I trust but honestly a few of the brands I have trusted over the years have had recalls and other scary stuff discovered about them. The pet food world is more complex than I had ever imagined with sites rating their quality and value. We jump around a bit the top brands we like now, a variety for the pups.

  4. Looking forward to your series regarding NB. I’ve been contemplating changing my dogs’ food for several months now. You have me intrigued with this article. Once I get more information from you, I will seriously consider it. I have three dogs, one is also 12 years old like Zola. The other two are four and three. You’ve always steered me in the right direction with my dogs, so I am anxiously awaiting your additional posts.


  5. We just got a dog a couple months ago and we are still researching what is the best food for them. I will definitely check into this one and see if it is what we’re looking for. I do know we want grain free

  6. Two of our collies have potato allergies, and we show them at dog shows. Additionally, I lost a dog at a young age to cancer, so I am really picky about dog foods. It has to be good quality, affordable and appropriate for all life stages. I’m looking forward to your future posts.

  7. I don’t think we have ever tried this brand for our dogs. You definitely are what you eat, so a good dog food is really important.

  8. Oh my gosh Zola looks a little like my dog I was scrolling down the screen and thought it was her for a second had to do a double take! It is definitely a big thing knowing what is in your pets food and knowing you are giving them the best you can.

  9. I have never heard of this brand of dog food. We have an older basset hound in our family, and she is not a picky eater, but we still try to buy good quality food.

  10. The brand of dog food you choose is so important for your pets. There are a lot of good brands out there and a lot that have been recalled lately. Our dogs love their food and seem to thrive on it.

  11. I have not yet tried Natural Balance dog food products. It would make a big different to our little fury friends to have a variety of food to eat instead of the same old same old every day. Dexter and Zola are so adorable and you can tell he is happy with the purchase. lol Thanks for sharing your experience and the information.

  12. You’re doggie is so cute! My sister-in-law is a huge dog person and she’s given me such good advice about dog food too. I try to find foods with no grains where the first ingredient is meat. Thanks for the tips!

  13. Aww, how cute are your dogs?! We don’t have any of our own, but we’re hoping to get a puppy one day so I’m really glad I read this as I always worry that I’ll mess things up when we do 🙂

    Louise x

  14. I’ve never heard of this brand before, it sounds like a really great brand. It’s so important dogs are eating healthy to stay healthy!

  15. It’s so important to buy the right food!!!! When I first met my hubby I let him buy food once for our fur babies and they got all skinny from eating it because it was crap! Once he saw you can’t just buy random cheap food, he now doesn’t complain about the price of real pet food! Nothing more important than your fur babies health!

  16. Oh yes, you must read the ingredients on the label before purchasing. My dog is kinda funny about her food. She’s on a special diet so we buy her speciality foods.

  17. I have been looking for a healthier dog food for my two dogs. I want the to eat healthier and be around for a long long time because I am needy like that. And I love my dogs.

  18. High quality dog food is so important. We feed your family good food and our dogs are family so they should eat good food too.

  19. We treat our fur baby as part of the family and we want the best for her. We make sure the food we gave her is real meat and no artificial ingredients, Thanks for this write up for Natural Balance we like all their selections when it come to dog food and we trust this brand.

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