How to Create a Pet Friendly Home Environment

cocker spaniel puppiesMaking a pet friendly home is not as hard as one might think. Arriving at a decision to adopt a pet is a tough task. By adopting a pet, you are essentially choosing to be the parent to your pet for a period of next 10 to 15 years. This essentially means that you will be responsible for the upkeep of the pet during the coming years. By having a pet at home, you need to follow a rigorous schedule where you have to ensure that the pet is well fed, taken care of, vaccinated and cleaned at regular intervals.

So, are you up to the task? You will need to make the home as pet friendly as possible. Making the home pet friendly also ensures smooth transition for the pet and others in the family too.

Below are listed some measures that you need to follow to make the interiors and exteriors of your home pet friendly.

Measures you need to adopt indoors

Let us begin with the indoors. The first measure you need to adopt is to find a place for your pet. In case you are planning to keep the pet in the exteriors of your home, the best place to have is the backyard or patio of your home. In case, you are planning to have a dedicated area for the pet inside the home, a dedicated area needs to be identified and set up for the pet. For those who want to have a puppy or kitten at home, the initial first days can be quite tough as the puppy or kitten might not be trained for toilet use.

All the needs of the pet need to be met in minimal possible area. These include a food bowl, water bowl, a comfortable place to sleep with all the essentials as a small pillow. Do not forget to have a place for bathroom for the pet.

Identify the areas in your home that are not safe for your pet. In case you are living in first or second floor of an apartment, ensure that the windows are shut so that the pet cannot jump out. For homes that have any unattended holes or crevices, the same need to be shut up firmly before the pet is home. It is quite possible that the pet might jump out from any of these holes or crevices, unmindful of your knowledge.

cocker spaniel Dexter

No unsafe plants indoors

Those who have an inclination towards keeping plants in home need to take some additional care. There are some plants that are dangerous for your pets. If you have a kitten or cat as a pet, ensure that you do not have lilies in your home as these prove toxic for the cat and can cause kidney failure. Additionally, ensure that no Aloe Vera plants are kept indoors if you have kitten as a pet.

Have pet friendly fabrics and flooring

In case you do not pay heed to this advice, chances are bright that you will end up paying a substantial part of your income for replacing the flooring and fabric of your home. Flooring and fabrics are some of the things that pets have special affiliation for. While selecting fabrics for your home, ensure that you have suede or easy to care leather fabric for home.

You also need to have pet friendly flooring as it lasts long and ensures that the pet feels comfortable while moving around. Ceramic tiles and non porous hard flooring material are specially recommended in case you have a pet at home or are considering bringing one home soon.

Safe toilet practices

As kittens and puppy’s are new to the interiors of your home, you need to ensure that the toilet seats are suitably covered. The pets are small physically too and can fall in the open toilet bowls too.

golden retriever

Measures that you need to adopt in vicinity of home

It is not only the indoors that need to be made safe for the pet. You must also ensure that the outdoors in the vicinity are safe enough for the pet. As your pet spends quite lot of time outdoors, the immediate surroundings too need to be made pet friendly. Ensure that there are no sharp objects in the vicinity of your home as these can harm the pet.

A secured fencing is too needed around the home as the pet has a natural instinct to venture outdoors. Having a secured fencing will ensure that the pet is not able to go beyond the comfort zone of your home.

Follow the above listed measures and ensure that your pet is safe, all the while.

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fidose of realityQuestion: What is something you have done to make your home/apartment more “pet friendly”????

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  1. It’s better to be proactive rather than reactive. Another inhome safety issue I do is make sure the trash can is inaccessible. I’m not sure of what to do about the air ducts. Sometimes Maya lays on them and her tags get stuck between the slots. When she gets up, she takes the air duct covering with her. If I had smaller pets, an open air duct could be dangerous.

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